Norbury Update 9 August

50 Bishops Park Rd Development — Norbury Park SNP Appeal For Help — Friends of Norbury Park Concerns — Planning Applications, Approvals and Refusals — Magic Mondays

Block Of Flats Development Proposal Angers Bishops Park Rd Neighbours

An application proposes to demolish 50 Bishops Park Road and build a new property on the frontage with access to a block of flats at the back. Neighbours are concerned  expressed during the Zoom meeting ranged over the negative impact on the quality of life by having up to 35 more people living in a cramped development, parking and traffic problems, potential overlooking, the design not being in character with the street, loss of trees, subsidence potential, increase in noise from the railway, reduction in privacy, loss of light, and lack of being consulted by the applicant before submitting the plans. Local Councillors Leila Ben-Hassel and Matt Griffiths held a Zoom meeting with residents on Friday. They intend to object which means that if the Planners want to approve the application it will have to go to the Planning Committee/Sub-committee. I am analysing the documents submitted so far on which Norbrury with a view to recommending the grounds on which Norbury Village Residents Association can object.

One of the neighbours has sent been me the text of her objection.

‘- Detrimental impact on tree(s)
– Not in Keeping with the area
– Obtrusive by design
– Over Development
– Traffic or Highways

Bishops Park Road is a tree-lined road which is a mix of Edwardian and 1930’s housing stock. The proposed development of a modern three story block of flats is completely out of keeping with the style of housing in the street and would have an over bearing and oppressive impact on the surrounding houses and on the area.

It is also a busy road with no off street parking, and parking is limited and restricted by parking meters

It is also of concern that a number of mature trees would be lost as a consequence of this inappropriate development’

A planning officer with another local authority who lives in another part of Norbury comments:

‘This is a clear case of over development which is completely out of character for the area. There are some units with their outlook towards neighbours which is not ideal. It creates an oppressive sense of development and loss of outlook for the neighbours. The extent of development/hard landscaping is also an issue. This is in addition to the issues with the design/character (or lack of it).’

Thursday 11 August. From 10am.Norbury Park Police Request Help With Leafletting

Officers from Norbury Park Safer Neighbourhood Team are planning a range of community engagement activities throughout this month which will be published on Nextdoor accordingly.

They are emailed a request for volunteers to help  local police officers drop leaflets containing information about crime prevention advice. ‘This will be a great chance to speak to your ward team and discuss any ongoing issue you are experiencing while living in the Norbury Park ward.  Any volunteer please reply this email with name and contact number if possible.

FNP Raises Concerns With The Mayor

Friends of Norbury Park have written to Mayor Jason Perry  inform and update him  about several worrying situations affecting Norbury Park, namely the inappropriate use of
the Park by festival events and the overuse of access by heavy duty vehicles entering through the private Harefield Road from Green Lane.

Use of Harefield Road

‘Over the last few days lorries weighing well over 25 tons have been using Harefield Road to
access the park. This is a small privately owned un-made road, with at least three vulnerable residents. These lorries were using Harefield Road throughout the night. They have caused damage to the intersection of Harefield Road and Green Lane.

‘We are in the process of investigating the nature of the agreement between the residents and
the council for use of the road, but it is clear that it is entirely unsuitable for lorries of this size to use the road for access to the park, and for access to be available at unsociable hours.’

Location of Events

This year’s’ 7th August music festival site has ‘been located on top of the much-loved and expensive all weather cricket pitch. This is a valuable asset, particularly to the Asian community, who play most evenings, giving them the opportunity to destress from their demanding work lives.

We are unclear why the event has been located here, as we have an agreed plan with the
council that events will be held on the field closest to Norbury station, with access from the
A23 entrance.’

Rave Parties

‘A further worrying issue is the constant pop-up Rave Parties who bring music and BBQ
equipment into the park via Harefield Road and are set up adjacent to the boxing club. The
mess that they leave behind is horrendous.’

You have an enthusiastic group of volunteer litter pickers who support the Council by trying to keep the park clean, but we’re told that the Boxing Club are responsible for a 20 metre
perimeter around the pavilion. We would appreciate confirmation of this, as currently they are not fulfilling this obligation.’

An issue that has emerged is that despite its pledge to work with Friends groups, it does not inform them of applications to hold events and involve them in discussions with the organsiers at the start.

Food Festival in September

‘Finally, there is a planned Food Festival in the park in September. We would like your
assurance that the issues highlighted above will be resolved so that the event is held in the
correct location and that Harefield Road will not be used.’

The FNP email was copied to Cllr Scott Roche, the  Cabinet Member for Streets and Environment, who has replied that he discuss the issues with  officers to discuss the points, to see what can be done where possible. 


Planning Applications

36 Croft Road. First-floor side extension, single-storey rear extension with raised terrace and front porch extension. 

63 Darcy Road. Conversion of dwelling house  to two self-contained flats.

1B Pollards Hill East. Four roof lights on front roof slope and dormer projection on rear roof slope.

Planning Approvals

6 Craignish Avenue. Use of dwelling as HMO for 8 persons. Conditions inc:

‘Prior to the first occupation of the dwelling as a large HMO … full details of the following shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority: a) Refuse Management Plan including elevations and materials of store, waste and recycling management. The development shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the details thus approved. Reason: To ensure that the appearance of the development is acceptable and contributes towards a high quality built environment.’

‘The proposed cycle parking … shall be provided and completed prior to first occupation of the development as a large HMO and maintained for its permitted use for the lifetime of the development. Reason: To ensure that an appropriate quantum of cycle parking is provided to an acceptable standard.’

‘The house in multiple occupation …. shall be restricted to no more than 6 bedrooms and shall have no more than 8 individual tenants unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority. The living room and warden room shall not be used as bedrooms; The designated first floor bedrooms shall have no more than 1 resident each and the ground floor bedrooms no more than 2 residents each whilst the approved use remains in existence. Prior to first occupation of the approved use, an HMO licence for the property for up to but not more than 8 people shall be obtained. Reason: To maintain control over the nature of the use and to protect neighbouring amenity in accordance with policies SP6 and DM10 of the Croydon Local Plan 2018. 6.’

‘The development must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Fire Statement … unless otherwise approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Reason: To ensure that the development incorporates the necessary fire safety measures in accordance with the Policy D12 of the London Plan (2021).’

21 Georgia Road. Outbuilding for use as a granny annexe. Conditions inc.:

‘The outbuilding/granny annexe hereby approved shall only be used together with and ancillary to the use of the existing property as a single dwelling and shall not be used as an independent self-contained dwelling. Reason: Use of the accommodation as a separate dwelling would result in development out of character with the area and harm to the residential amenities of adjoining occupiers.’

‘All new external work and work of making good shall be carried out in materials as specified in the application Reason: To ensure that alterations are completed with regard to the character and appearance of the existing building and the visual amenity of the area.’

‘Prior to the occupation of the development at least one water butt of 100 litre volume shall be installed on a downpipe attached to the roof of the outbuilding and be retained and maintained for the lifetime of the development. Reason: To ensure that the principles of sustainable drainage are incorporated into the development and to reduce the impact of flooding.’

‘Unless otherwise specified in the application the development must be in accordance with the Fire Safety Statement. Reason: To ensure that the development is in accordance with the London Plan’

79A Northwood Road Conversion of loft to habitable space, rear dormer and two roof lights to the front roof slope. Conditions include:

‘The development must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Fire Safety Strategy received on 16th February 2022 unless otherwise approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Reason: To ensure that the development incorporates the necessary fire safety measures in accordance with the Policy D12 of the London Plan (2021).’

94 Stanford Road – Outside Freeman Court. Advertising as part of a new bus shelter. VALO Smart City UK Ltd.

Planning Refusal. 11 Groveland Avenue 

GPDO single storey rear extension. Reason: ‘The development by reason of its depth, height and massing would cause significant harm on residential amenity of Nos. 9 and 13 Groveland Avenue and would thereby be contrary with the policies DM10.6 of the Croydon Local Plan 2018 and D3 of the London Plan 2021.’

Planning Refusal – 17 Kilmartin Avenue

Alterations, demolition of existing conservatory, erection of single-storey rear extension and rear dormer extension . Reason: ‘The development would be detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of adjoining property by reason of its size and siting resulting in visual intrusion and overshadowing and would thereby conflict with Policy D6 of the London Plan 2021 and Policy DM10 of the Croydon Local Plan 2018.’

Planning Refusal – 23 Stanford Road

Demolition of existing rear extension and erection of new single storey rear extension.  Reason: ‘The proposal would be detrimental to the amenities of the adjoining occupiers by reason of its height, size and massing and resultant loss of outlook and dominant appearance; and would thereby conflict with Policy DM10 of the Croydon Local Plan (2018) and D3 and D4 of the London Plan (2021).

Planning Appeal Withdrawn

48 Crescent Way. Use of ground floor flat as two 1 bedroom flats (Existing Use). 

History Update

About seancreighton1947

I have lived in Norbury since July 2011. I blog on Croydon, Norbury and history events,news and issues. I have been active on local economy, housing and environment issues with Croydon TUC and Croydon Assembly. I have submitted views to Council Committees and gave evidence against the Whitgift Centre CPO and to the Local Plan Inquiry. I am a member of Norbury Village Residents Association and Chair of Norbury Community Land Trust, and represent both on the Love Norbury community organisations partnership Committee. I used to write for the former web/print Croydon Citizen. I co-ordinate the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Croydon Radical History Networks and edit the North East Popular Politics history database. I give history talks and lead history walks. I retired in 2012 having worked in the community/voluntary sector and on heritage projects. My history interests include labour, radical and suffrage movements, mutuality, Black British, slavery & abolition, Edwardian roller skating and the social and political use of music and song. I have a particular interest in the histories of Battersea and Wandsworth, Croydon and Lambeth. I have a publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications.
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