Norbury Update 1 August

Cassandra Lunch Club Closed Till 8 September

Jennifer McDermott of the Cassandra Centre has with regret had to close the lunch club  for August. It will re-open on 8 September.

A trip to Southend is taking place on 11 August. It is hoped to organise other trips in August.

Lack Of Children’s Daily Activities In Norbury

Jennifer McDermott of the Cassandra Centre says that parents, especially those in employment, are struggling to find safe holiday projects for their children, especially in Norbury and the north of the Borough. Cassandra Centre hopes to  take a handful of the children known to it to Thorpe Park.  

Wednesday 21 September. 7.30pm. Love Norbury Annual General Meeting

Norbury Methodist Church, 2a Pollards Hill North The Executive Mayor and the local councillors have been invited.  Please put this date in your diary.  

1447 London Road Licence Change Application

The owner of the Woodland Café has posted a notice on her other premises at 1447 London Rd to change the hours and trading name.  The Licensing team tells me that the application is not yet at the stage to enter the 28 day consultation period. Therefore application document is not yet on the Council website.

Planning Applications

82 Kensington Avenue.  LDC & GPDO  single storey rear extension.

85 Norbury Hill. Single storey detached outbuilding for use as granny annexe associated with main house

Planning Approvals

138 Green Lane. Demolition of rear extension, extension to roof including erection of rear dormer extension, erection of part-single/two-storey side/rear extension rooflights.

90 Ingram Road. Conversion of garage to habitable space, part single storey, part double storey side extension and first floor rear extension.  

43 Norbury Close. LDC conversion of loft to habitable space plus front facing windows. 

7 Tisbury Road.  LDC  single storey rear extension.

Croydon Update 31 July

World Food Festival Organisers Highlight Secrecy of Council Over Park  Events

In response to Friends of Norbury Park Jenni  Rogers’ concerns about the World Food Festival being held in the  Park in a few weeks time, the organisers have exposed the secrecy of the Council in negotiating proposals for events. They state:

‘We are happy to liaise with local organisations to make sure the local community are as happy as possible. 

In regards to the dedicated phone line, we will post letters in the letter boxes of homes on all surrounding roads of the park. This letter will give the residents information about the festival and a phone number to call during the event hours if they have an issue with noise, rubbish or anything else directly linked to the event. If we receive a call, a member of management will be dispatched to that address to assess the issue. For example, to take sound level readings if it is a noise issue. They will try to resolve the issue raised and they will then record the complaint and provide the council with this information post event. 

In terms of the event being a disruption to regular park users, we do not see this being the case as we are only using a section of the park. We will not be blocking any park entrances or any paths within the park. Park users will still be able to access all facilities such as the children’s playground or BMX track. There will also still be plenty of space for general park use, walking dogs etc.

Regarding prior consultation, this is something that I would suggest speaking to the council about and requesting that they make it a condition for all future applications to use the park, that you are a part of the process. I hope you can appreciate that we as an events company were not aware that you exist, we were simply offered an event space by the council and followed the process which includes meetings with various departments, event notices around the park and notices in the local paper to advise the local community of the event during the application process.

Of course, with that being said now that we are aware of the group, moving forward we are happy to liaise with you during the planning stages of any future events and take on board any feedback that you might have in the hope of always improving the event for the local community.’

Book Donations To Norbury Library

After over two years of trying to get clarification on its policy on residents donating books to the Library Service, the Council has now agreed to accept the donation of one set for each Library of the late Norbury resident Eric Sanders’ autobiography and two novels. They have also agreed to accept the following donations from me  for Norbury Library.

Anderson, M. D. History and Imagery in British Churches. John Murray. 1971

Appleby et al. London Walks. 25 Walks by London writers. Vol. 2. Time Out. 2005

Beckett, Francis, Hencke, David & Kochan, Nick. Blair Inc. The Man Behind The Mask. John Blake. 2015. Hbk

Bloom, Jonathan & Blair, Sheila.Islam.Empireof Faith. BBC. 2001. Hbk

Boushey, Heather, Delong, J.Bradford & Steinbaum, Marshall. After Piketty. The Agenda for Economics and Inequality. Harvard University  Press. 2017. Hbk

Bower, Tom. The Red Web. MI6 and the KGB Master Coup. Aurum Press.1989. Hbk

Foreman, Amanda. Georgian’s World. The Illustrated Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire. Harper Collins. 2001. Hbk

Glendinning, Victoria. Jonathan Swift. Hutchinson. 1998

Grindrod, John. Concretopia. A Journey Around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain. Old Street Publishing. 2011. Croydon author. Includes details about Croydon.

Hawker, Maximilian. Breaking  the Foals. A novel about Troy by a Croydon author. Unbound. 2018

Hernon, Ian. The Wild East. Gunfights, Massacres and Race Riots Far From America’s Frontier. Amberley. 2019. Hbk

Lansley, Stewart. Three Decades of the Super-rich and the Economy. Gibson Square. 2011. Hbk

Lansley, Stewart & Mack, Joanna. Breadline Britain. The Rise of Mass Poverty. One World Publications. 2015

Laybourn,Keith (ed.). Social Conditions, Status and Community 1860-c.1920. Sutton Publishing. 1997

Milliband, Ed. Go Big. How To Fix The World. The Bodley Head. 2021. Hbk

Omissi, David. The Sepoy and the Raj. The Indian Army, 1860-1940. Macmillan Press.1994

Rae, Pamela. Turtle at Mr Humble’s. The fortunes of a mercantile family in England and American 1758-1837. Smith Settle.1992.

Satia, Priya. Empire of Guns. The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution. Duckworth Overlook. 2018. Hbk

Simpson, Kenneth (ed.). Love & Liberty. Robert Burns. A Bicentenary Celebration. Tuckwell Press. 1997

Taylor, Stephen. Storm & Conquest. The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809. Faber & Faber. 2007

Wardroper, John. The World of William Hone. A new look at the Romantic age in words and pictures of the day. Shelfmark Books. 1997

Winstone, Ruth (ed.) Tony Benn. The Last Diaries. A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine. Hutchinson. 2017. Hbk

Zacks. The Pirate Hunter. The True Story of Captain Kidd. Theia. 2002. Hbk

It may take a little time before these are borrowable.

About seancreighton1947

I have lived in Norbury since July 2011. I blog on Croydon, Norbury and history events,news and issues. I have been active on local economy, housing and environment issues with Croydon TUC and Croydon Assembly. I have submitted views to Council Committees and gave evidence against the Whitgift Centre CPO and to the Local Plan Inquiry. I am a member of Norbury Village Residents Association and Chair of Norbury Community Land Trust, and represent both on the Love Norbury community organisations partnership Committee. I used to write for the former web/print Croydon Citizen. I co-ordinate the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Croydon Radical History Networks and edit the North East Popular Politics history database. I give history talks and lead history walks. I retired in 2012 having worked in the community/voluntary sector and on heritage projects. My history interests include labour, radical and suffrage movements, mutuality, Black British, slavery & abolition, Edwardian roller skating and the social and political use of music and song. I have a particular interest in the histories of Battersea and Wandsworth, Croydon and Lambeth. I have a publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications.
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  1. Karen says:

    Hi Sean, we dropped Eric’s novels to the library on Friday. They where expected and by happenstance the van returning to central library was outside, so it was put in there before we drove of.
    Thanks for arranging.


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