Welcome to Norbury Watch

I have created this blog as a way of bringing together details of news and issues about the the Norbury area of the London Borough of Croydon, given the growing number of community and other types of organisations active in the area.

As at 27 September I represent Norbury Village Residents Association on the Love Norbury Residents Associations’ Joint Planning Committee and chair its Transport Committee. I am chair of the newly formed Norbury Community Land Trust, and am a Governor of Norbury Manor Primary School. I also research and write about aspects of Norbury’s history.

Sean Creighton: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

Over the past two years there have been many issues of concern to residents including:

  • Litter and fly-tipping
  • Street cleaning
  • conversion of offices to residential
  • conversion of large houses to small flats
  • Houses in Multiple occupation
  • Changes to buildings without planning permission
  • Design issues e.g. former Norbury Police Station building and site
  • Run down and empty shops
  • Car parking competition
  • Traffic speeds in side streets
  • The proposed BMX track despite large local opposition
  • The illegal smokng in shishas bars
  • The use of a lot for selling cars next to Norbury Station
  • The run-down of the Norbury and Norbury Hall Parks
  • Planning permissions in the Pollards Hill area which are feared will aggravate water run-off problems already affecting some properties foundations

Four Residents Associations work together through the Love Norbury Partnership which has:

  • a Love Norbury discount card scheme which gives all resident association members’ discount in over 35 local shops
  • a Joint Planning Committee
  • a Transport Committee
  • a high street and retail sub-group
  • an events sub-group
  • a green spaces sub-group
  • a community spaces sub-group
  • an environment sub-group
  • the Knitting Norbury Together project

The Associations hold their own general and public meetings and organise social events. They are:

A range of activities are offered by:  local faith groups, Norbury Mums, the Allotments Society, Friends of Norbury Park, the Manor Farm Reserve group,  British Legion club, Norbury Bowling Club,  The Norbury Lawn Tennis Club, and the Cassandra Learning Centre.

Having been registered Norbury Community Land Trust is preparing ways to publicise its aims and seek members.

The three Councillors for the area are: Sherwan Choudury, Shafi Khan, Maggie Mansell


Updated 27 September 2017

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Norbury news at 10 December


Revised 23.26 10 December

Thursday 14 December Love Norbury

Christmas Carol Singing has had to be cancelled.

Flower Girl Sam at Norbury Station helps Grenfell victims

Sam Jennings, the flower girl at the Station has been given an award for her support for the victims of the tragic Grenfell Fire.


On Saturday 9 December a fundraiser for the victims was held at Ruskin House (Coombe Rd).

There are many people who think that the Council should not approve any more tower blocks until the results of the Grenfell inquiry are known. The cladding issue affects private as well as Council and housing association blocks.

Local Organisation  News

Love Nobrury’s  lights were switched on by Skanska on London Rd on 6 December.

Its Xmas Fayre raised nearly £800 and will be used to fund next year’s Fayre.

It  did not get enough votes in the Aviva community  fundraising poll, but has been  given £100 because of the problems experienced with the voting system on the company’s website.

Croydon Rotary has donated £100 to Norbury Community Land Trust for a lunchtime talk given by Sean on Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Panel meeting 6 December

Cllr Maggie Mansell has circulated the following notes of the meeting.

  • The police ‘do not know how to respond to the ward boundary changes. I explained that it is London wide and it is for the Met to stay the same or change their teams as they see fit.’
  • ‘They plan to meet the people with an “engagement” meeting each week. It could be in Costa or the Library or anywhere. They will announce the location on the website and they will add the info to the weekly crime stats report from Magda.’
  • ‘They would like to come to community events: AGMs and fetes etc.’
  • ‘They will pursue the Public Service Protection Order with the Council in order to deal with nuisance drinking. The Council has agreed the PSPO for Croydon Town Centre. Now they will be looking at district centres and discussing the boundaries  and terms for each. We need to learn how it works from the Centre.’
  • We are reminded that crime stats are available by area postcode or street. Go to the Met Police website, type in the area you are interested in, then if you want to say the police should focus on a topic you can enter it. The subjects with the top 3 “votes” will be the targets for the month. It will be interesting to see whether that changes priorities or whether the police see different issues from the community. Its worth a try.

Antic Pub seeks third floor

The Antic Pub group which is building a pub at the Mews on Norbury Crescent, is seeking to build a third storey (17/05610/FUL).

Parks Developments

The Parks Vision consultation report on the future of Norbury Park was submitted to the Council two weeks ago, but not yet made public. This means that the Friends of Norbury Park can read and assesses the conclusions and recommendations, and submit comments to the Council before it makes decisions on what to do next. Local Councillor Maggie Mansell has been asked to press for publication in her role as Deputy Cabinet Member for Culture & Leisure, which includes parks and open spaces.

Uncertainty continues about the future safeguarding of some parks and open spaces because of the failure of the Council planners to provide evidence to the Local Plan Inspector that inclusion on a Local Green Space list met national criteria. Love Norbury Planning Committee presented detailed evidence to the Council on why  Norbury, Norbury Hall and Pollards Hill Parks and Pollards Hill triangle should be on the list. The Friends of Norbury Park Also submitted their justification for its inclusion. The Council has now submitted its comments on the final stage of the consultation on the Local Plan to the Inspector but not published it. The Inspector starts finalising his report on Monday 11 December, and the Council hopes to adopt the finally agreed version the Plan by the end of January. The lead Planning officer has been asked to ensure the final comments are published so that people who responded to the consultation can assess how it has responded to their views and submit any continuing concerns to the Inspector.

We will now hopefully in the next month whether the Inspector has agreed to reinstating as least part of the proposed Local Green Space list.

I discuss the wider issues involved in a two-part contribution on Croydon Citizen at


Planning Applications

56 Christian Fields (17/05880/HSE). Demolition of existing shed and erection of single storey detached building at rear


3 Dalmeny Ave (17/06030/LP). Erection of dormer extension in rear roof and rooflights at front. Because this is an application that seeks approval that it is within permitted planning development rules, this is likely to be quickly approved by the Planners. It is not open to public consultation.

257 Green Lane (17/05907/LP). Enlargement of dormer extension in rear roof slope. Because this is an application that seeks approval that it is within permitted planning development rules, this was quickly approved by the Planners.

30 Ryecroft Rd (17/06034/CAT). 1. Leylandii – Fell because of excessive shadowing and inhibiting other plant growth. Re-landscaping and planting. 2. Eucalyptus Gunnii – Option 1: Tree management – reduce heavily to first points of growth bring canopy in by approximately up to 4m. (Preferred option). Option 2 : Remove to within 3″of ground level treat stump with ecoplugs.


New Croydon Review posting


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Why the Boundary Commission plan should be opposed

Several people have been asking about what is happening with the proposed Boundary Commission changes to Croydon North Parliamentary constituency.


Councillor Maggie Mansell says that there is still time to object to it being split between Croydon, Streatham and Mitcham.

She asks us to oppose the plan and to encourage friends and neighbours to do so. She has circulated the following details about it.


The Boundary Commission are proposing a series of radical changes to the constituency of Croydon North as part of their review of constituency boundaries across the UK.  The proposals are potentially highly damaging for our local communities.  The Commission is inviting comments from local residents and community organisations.

Commission Proposals

They propose the following:

  • Replace Croydon North with a new Norwood and Thornton Heath constituency, with part of the existing constituency going in with Mitcham and the new constituency’s borders extending out of Croydon into Lambeth.
  • Split Thornton Heath in two, with parts (Bensham Manor and Thornton Heath wards) in Norwood and Thornton Heath constituency, and part (West Thornton ward) in Mitcham and Norbury constituency.
  • Split Croydon Town Centre across two constituencies, putting half of it (Broad Green ward) in with Mitcham.
  • Instead of our constituency all being within the boundaries of a single borough, Croydon, part of it would be in Lambeth creating a new layer of confusion for residents.

Why are these proposals damaging?

  • They break up natural communities, with Thornton Heath split across two constituencies, Croydon town centre split across two constituencies, and Norbury split across two constituencies.
  • Thornton Heath’s voice would be weaker in Parliament, as it would be on the margins of two constituencies instead of at the heart of one.
  • Croydon University Hospital, serving Croydon residents, would be in a constituency where the majority of voters live in Morden.
  • The new constituencies nationally are based on voter numbers before 2015, and ignore over 2 million voters who have registered since then.
  • The constituency boundaries ignore the new ward boundaries in Croydon, so some wards would be split across more than one constituency, creating unnecessary additional complexity over residents’ representation.
  • Croydon has a very strong sense of identity – residents routinely refer to it as ‘our town’. This would be broken by having the new constituency extend beyond Croydon’s boundaries, and would undermine the council’s successful bid – won alongside the three Croydon MPs – for devolution of housing and some fiscal powers to the borough.
  • Transport links do not follow the proposed new constituencies, making travel around them difficult. The main road in the north of the borough is the London Road which runs north-to-south and connects the north of the borough to the town centre, reflected in the main bus routes (50, 109, and 250) and the trains which run through Norbury and Thornton Heath to East Croydon in the centre. The new borders criss-cross this key transport route.
  • The new boundaries break up and weaken many of the local and civic ties that are strong across the borough.
  • As an outer London borough, Croydon has its own distinct town centre which is a central point of community for those from all parts of the borough, indeed all three current Croydon constituencies meet and share part of the town centre in Croydon.

How you can oppose the new boundaries

You can comment on the proposals on the Boundary Commission website here:


by email


or in writing at: Boundary Commission for England, 35 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BQ.


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Norbury events & miscellaneous news at 1 December


Saturday 2 December. 10am-12noon. Coffee morning.

Organised by Norbury Green Residents Association

Norbury Library, Beatrice Ave. All welcome.

Saturday 2 December. 11am- 3 pm Christmas Bazaar

Norbury Methodist Church, Pollards Hill North

Saturday 2 December. 11am-4pm. St Oswald’s Christmas Fair 

Gifts, Books, Toys, Hot Lunches, Home-made cakes, Christmas Decorations, Lucky Raffles and much more

St Oswald’s Church Hall, St Oswald’s Road, SW16 3SB

Wednesday 6 December. 6pm (doors open for 7pm). Norbury Safer Neighbourhood Team Ward Panel meeting

1342-1344 London Road

SNT newsletter can be accessed here.

Newsletter DECEMBER 17

Thursday 7 December. 1.30-3.30pm. Healthy Lifestyle Session

Last session of the year at Norbury Library.

Wednesday 6 December. 7.30pm. Love Norbury Transport Committee

6 Oakhill Rd, off Stanford Rd – home of Sean Creighton

If you wish to take part please email Sean for the papers


Saturday 9 December. 11am. Norbury Manor Primary School Open Day



Saturday 9 December. 5.30pm. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Panto at British Legion, 1268A London Road – see

RBL Panto Flyer

Sunday 10 December. 1-4pm. Santa at the Lawn Tennis Club

Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club at the rear of 55 Ederline Ave has Christmas stalls and Santa’s Grotto. Admission to clubhouse free. Admission to Grotto £5 per child, includes gift.

Thursday 14 December. 6.30-7.30pm. Love Norbury Christmas Carolling

Come along and sing your favourite Christmas songs and enjoy a hot chocolate and mince pie.

Norbury Railway Station London Road entrance outside Zara Dry Cleaners


Sunday 17 December. 6:30-8pm. Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

St. Philips Church, Beech Rd. Not suitable for young children.

Saturday 6 January. 2-4pm. Friends of Norbury Park AGM

Venue to be finalised.

Sunday 28 January. 11am-12.30pm. PHRA Meet and Greet

News of Pollards Hill Residents Association plans for 2018.

20 mile an hour zone

A number of residents have been expressing concern about the ignoring of the 20 mile an hour zone, and the lack of enforcement. Feedback from residents is important especially other ideas for slowing traffic down, including whether the 20mph signs can be seen properly, whether more road markings are needed.

Crime Statistics 22-28 November

Attempted burglary residential (1), common assault (1), criminal damage (1), robbery person (2), theft and other theft (2), theft of motor vehicle (2), vehicle interference (1).

Views of pupils at Norbury Manor Girls 

New challenges face GSCE students at secondary schools like Norbury Manor Girls. Here are the thoughts of one pupil:


The feminist movement has given women a voice in society and granted women with the right to vote, own property and education. What more can we do? Social issues which include the pay gap between men and women, no access to education for females in several lower developed countries and the media objectifying young women can be fixed. So argues Norbury Manor Girls pupil Emmanuella Iroakazi.


Nursery making good progress

Purple Panda Nursery on Norbury Crescent criticised by Osted in November last year has been making good improvement progress.


Betty Wivell Academy of Performing Arts

It operates in four venues including The Studio 52 Norbury Court Road  and at St Philips Church in Beech Road


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Norbury Parks News at 1 December

Friends of Norbury Park 

The Friends have received money from Ambitious Park Grants to buy 3 benches, and from Norbury Ward Councillors to buy a notice board so we can keep people informed of what it is are trying to do to improve the Park. The AGM will be held on 6 January. The report of the Vision consultation about the Park has not yet been published.

Norbury Hall Park Boundary Wall

At the meeting which set up the Friends of Norbury Park grace concern was expressed about the continuing and worsening state of disrepair of the boundary wall with the blocks of flats which front along London Rd. The issue has been on the agenda for a long time, and the Council reminded in August during a walk about, and at Love Norbury’s meeting with Council Regeneration staff in September. The latest information on Council action has been provided by Jonny Gibb, the Council Regeneration officer appointed for Norbury in August.

The council has determined the ownership of the different parties responsible for the different sections of the wall. As they are in different ownerships it has formally issued party wall proceedings in order to confirm responsibility and the distribution of costs between different parties. The other parties involved have not yet formally agreed liabilities. Unfortunately at this stage it cannot confirm how long these legal proceedings will take.

As soon as the Council are in a position to begin repairs it will let the Friends of Norbury Hall Park know. In order to progress matters in the meantime it is in the process of getting relevant detailed structural drawings and quotes for the repair.

As a short term safety measure scaffolding will be put up to sure up and protect the high section of the wall within the park. The scaffolding has been ordered and should be in place soon.

There are no plans to change access arrangements with regard to the adjoining flats.

Litter in the Parks

There are three major problems with litter in Norbury Hall and Norbury Hall Parks.

Bins are not being emptied frequently enough so they get too full and rubbish falls out.

Some people leave their litter, especially cans on the grass and in the undergrowth and wooded areas.

The wind blows litter about.

It is time for a full public investigation:

  • of the way in which the parks litter contract is run, whether the company is fulfilling its contractual requirements, whether the Council is fining it for failure to meet those requirements
  • whether the contract for all the parks and open spaces the Council is responsible for are is too large geographically to workable
  • whether it would be better to divide the Borough into smaller areas with a litter contract for each one
  • whether the Council would support social enterprises employing local people to be created to run such area litter contracts


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Norbury development and planning news at 1 December

Norbury Community Land Trust

Since the Trust was registered in July the Board comprising local residents has been setting up its organisational systems, opening a bank account. It sought to try and find a way in partnership with either the Council or specialist workspace organisations that the Norbury Trading Estate could be bought at auction. There was insufficient time for any business plan to be prepared. Scots Estate Residents Association and the Love Norbury Joint Planning Committee will be keeping a close eye on developments with the Estate. After discussion with the Love Norbury Committee the Trust has requested to discuss with the Co-op its offer to make one of its shops on the High Rd available for community use. The Trust has written to the owner of the former railway lot site at the Railway Station to try and start discussions on buying it to turn it into a community garden. The Leader of the Council has agreed to have a meeting with the Trust to discuss a number of issues as part of preparing a Council policy paper to develop a Trust for the whole Borough.

The launch meeting planned for 14 November had to be cancelled because the speaker Cllr Jamie Audsley, had to attend the Council Planning Committee meeting considering the revised planning application on the Whitgift Centre. A new date will be set for end of January or early February.

Further details about the Trust can be obtained from the Secretary, John Rutherford at


Love Norbury and the Council Regeneration Team

The next meeting of Love Norbury Committee members with members of the Council’s Regeneration Team to discuss Norbury affairs will be on 29 January.

Planning Applications

If you submit comments please copy them to the Love Norbury Joint Planning Committee at sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

73 Christian Fields (17/03180/FUL)

Retention of single storey outbuilding at rear and a patio


54 Craignish Avenue (17/05679/HSE)

Erection of two storey side extension


122 Dalmeny Avenue (17/05832/LP)

Erection of  roof dormer extension in rear roof slope with addition of two Velux roof lights to the front roof slope


252 Green Lane (17/05673/LP)

Erection of gable end roof extension with dormer extension in rear roof slope


4 Hollies Close (17/05814/HSE)

Alterations, erection of single storey rear extension and dormer extension in rear roof slope


1516 London Road – Police Station (17/05794/DISC & 17/05869/DISC)

Discharge of conditions 3 & 14



1579 London Road (17/05685/CONR)

Continued use as cafe (without compliance with condition 2 – no food shall be cooked on the premises other than for  warming or heating up purposes – attached to planning permission 16/00495/P)


229 Norbury Crescent (17/05944/GPDO & 17/05826/HSE)

Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres with a maximum height of 3.4 metres



Norbury Crescent, The Mews – Antic Pub (17/05610/FUL)


34 Norbury Hill (17/03064/HSE)

Erection of single storey rear conservatory and first floor infill extension




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Great success of Love Norbury Xmas Fayre




First 2 photos thanks to Anita Konczak of Norbury Green Residents Association, and the third one to Karen Stewart (Senco @ NMP – member of staff responsible for special needs)

The Love Norbury Xmas Fayre on Sunday 26 November was very successful. It took place in the Norbury Manor Primary school hall, with the gynm being used for quiet activities run by the School. The School choir whose new members had only joined a few weeks earlier gave a polished and confident performance. Members of the School Council also sang. There was also singing by the Betty Wivell Academy of Performing Arts.

The Co-op donated a large hamper to raffle. There has been very positive feedback.

“We had a lovely time. Norbury Knitting Club table was awesome”

“We had a great time, thanks”

“We had a great few hours, thank you”

Many people have mentioned how much fun they had and complimented Love Norbury on the variety of activities on offer.

Several stallholders have asked when the next event is as they want to come back for that too.

TCV (which provided funding for the event) was very impressed. She had never been to such a well attended and well organised event.

Membership of Residents Associations

A lot of people who attended are not members of the Love Norbury Residents Associations. Several are now considering joining. A major advantage is that members are entitled to the Love Norbury Discount card, so the cost of membership can be gained back by discount savings. The Associations need lots of members to increase their negotiating power with the Council. Tfl and others. It appears that some tenants do not consider themselves to be eligible for membership because they do not see themselves as residents given they are often only in the area for a short while because they are private renting tenants on short tenancies. All are welcome regardless of housing status.

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Norbury update at 25 November

Layout 1

A very large hamper has been donated by the Co-op for the Fayre.

Wednesday 6 December 7pm. Norbury Safer Neighbourhood Team Ward Panel

Meeting at 1342-1344 London Road

Doors open at 6pm.

If you are planning on attending, please let PC John Offin know at John.Offin@met.police.uk

Co-op to support Love Norbury

Love Norbury has been chosen for the next round of the Co-op Local Community Fund from 24 November to 27 October next year. The support started this Saturday (25 November) with a stall promoting the Fund, Love Nobury’s banner and Love Norbury Committee members speaking to shoppers about the Fund Love Norbury and its residents associations and promoting the Xmas Bazaar on 26 November.

Every time members of the Co-op shop and use their blue membership card, 1% of what they spend on selected own-brand products and services goes to the Co-op Local Community Fund.

The Fund Team will also give Love Norbury and the other causes in your community an equal share of the money raised from the sale of carrier bags. Members in Norbury will be able to choose the cause online once it ‘goes live’ from the 24 November.

The money raised by Norbury Co-op shoppers will be shared with two other organisations based on the percentage of those members who vote for their 1% to go to Love Norbury or one of the other two.

Co‑op Members have helped raise £20m for local causes.

Co-op membership pays 5% to members plus 1% into the Community Fund. To join the Co-op

Note. Separate discussions are underway with the Co-op to bring one of the empty shops on London Rd in community use.

To join the Co-op either apply using the blue application booklet pamphlet at the store or via


Further details on registering your support for Love Norbury will be published in due course.

Anita Konzak recognised by Council

Anita Konzak, Chair of Norbury Green Residents Association and Secretary/Treasurer of Love Norbury has been named as staff volunteer by Croydon Council.

This recognition follows on the May’s Civic Award to Love Norbury and the decision of the Co-op to have some of its Community Fund money come to Love Norbury.

Love Norbury is therefore being recognised for the value and range of work it and its member residents associations undertake (Norbury Green, Norbury Village, Pollards Hill, and Scots Estate)_.

Crime Statistics 16-20 November

Burglary residential (1), common assault (1), criminal damage (3), robbery person (1), theft from motor vehicle (4).

Croydon News

If you are interested in knowing more about what is going on across Croydon then see the blog postings at


and my recent articles in  Croydon Citizen on Westfield


and American investment in property development



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