Welcome to Norbury Watch

I  created this blog as a way of bringing together details of news and issues about the the Norbury area of the London Borough of Croydon, given the growing number of community and other types of organisations active in the area and the events they run, and the wide range of issues of concern to residents.

Sean Creighton: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

I am a member of the Love Norbury Planning and Transport Committees and Chair of the Norbury Community Land Trust. I research and publish on aspects of Norbury’s history. I also run a blog site on Croydon event, issues and news:


and write for Croydon Citizenhttps://thecroydoncitizen.com

Four Residents Associations work together through the Love Norbury Partnership

Love Norbury also has the Knitting Norbury Together group.

A range of activities are offered by: 

local faith groups

Norbury Mums (https://twitter.com/norburymums)

the Allotments Society

Friends of Norbury Park: fnorpark@outlook.com

Friends of Norbury Hall Park: http://norburyhallpark.org.uk

Manor Farm Reserve group

British Legion club

Norbury Bowling Club

Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club: https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/NorburyParkLTC

Cassandra Learning Centre

Norbury Park Residents Association:


Having been registered Norbury Community Land Trust is preparing ways to publicise its aims and seek members.

Norbury is divided into two electoral wards along the railway line with two Councillors each:

Norbury & Pollards Hill:


Norbury Park:


Norbury is in Croydon North Parliamentary constituency. The MP is Steve Reed


Updated 29 June 2018

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Norbury events & news at 6 July

black panther

St. Philip’s Church, Beatrice Ave

Saturday 7 July. Noon-4pm. Norbury Fire Station Open Day

Come and meet your local fire crew. Fire safety /smoke alarm advice, demos and a chance to view  fire service equipment.

Winters Tale

Sunday 8 July. 6.30pm. St. Bart’s Orchestral Concert

St Phillips Church, Beech Road. Free entry.

Monday 9 July. Noon-2pm. Police Drop in sessions

1342-1344 London Road

Wednesday 18 July. 3-5pm. Have a say day with the police

1342-1344 London Road

Planning Matters

Full planning applications

These applications are open to comment by anyone. The current one is:

2 Pollards Hill East (18/02925/HSE): alterations, erection of two storey side extension and dormer window on front and rear elevation.

Recent approvals have been for:

59 Norbury Crescent (18/01224/FUL): alterations; conversion of single family dwelling house to three flats, erection of single storey rear extension, first floor rear extension. This was approved at the Council Planning Committee with the Love Norbury Planning Committee objecting.

229 Norbury Crescent (18/01434/HSE): installation of vehicle crossover.

146 Northborough Road (18/00622/HSE): roof extension to outrigger.

Lawful Development Certificates

Owners of property apply for these if their proposed extensions and dormers comply with national permitted development rules. If the do the Council has to submit a Certificate. There are no public consultation rights on these.

Current LDC applications are:

Flat 86 Radnor House 1272 London Road (18/03296/LP) for use of part of dwelling as office for chauffeurs booking office.

Recent approvals have been:

143 Norbury Avenue (18/02110/LP): erection of hip to gable extension; erection of dormer extension in rear roof slope and installation of roof lights in front roof slope.

90 Norbury Crescent (18/02969/LP): erection of dormer extension in rear roof slope and installation of roof lights in front and rear roof slope.

29 Pollards Hill South (18/02982/LP): erection of detached outbuilding in rear garden & (18/02809/LP) erection of hip to gable roof extension and dormer extension in rear roof slope.

However where the Council considers the LDC application does not comply with the rules it can refuse as it has recently done with 70 Norbury Crescent (18/01518/LP): erection of single storey rear extension, first floor rear extension, and dormer extension in rear roof slope.

General Permitted Development Orders

Owners of property apply for these if their proposed extensions and dormers comply with another set of national planning rules. These are subject to consultation with adjoining neighbours: both sides and at the back. The Council usually approves, but occasionally refuses where it is clear that the application does not meet the national rules. The current applications are:

13 Dunbar Avenue (18/03256/GPDO) for erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres with a maximum height of 3.75 metres.

Other Planning Applications

Recent approvals have been:

32-34 Fairview Road (18/02064/DISC): discharge of conditions 2, 4 and 5 for permission 17/05264/FUL – Demolition of existing garage and storage units on site, and the construction of a part two/part three/part four storey mixed use development consisting of 9 flats (1 x one bedroom, 7 x two bedroom and 1 x three bedroom) and x 1 commercial unit (B1(b) and B1(c)) with ancillary works to facilitate the proposal.

Crime Figures 25 June-1 July

 Other Theft 25 June ST HELENS ROAD
Common Assault 26 June LONDON ROAD
Theft of Motor Vehicle NORBURY RISE
Public Order 29 June NORTON GARDENS
Robbery Person 30 June NORBURY AVENUE
Possession of Cannabis 1 July NORBURY CRESCENT
Criminal Damage LONDON ROAD

Turle rD
A June view from Turle Rd posted on the web

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Norbury Transport Issues

The Love Norbury  Transport Committee recently sent the following briefing note on local transport issues to members of the Council’s Passenger Transport Advisory Committee. It contains details of recommendations to the four Love Norbury Residents Associations: Norbury Green, Norbury Village, Pollards Hill & Scots Estate. If you want to help your Association with any of the suggestions please contact your RA.

Bus Service Improvements

When TfL consults on Croydon’s bus services the Committee will be supporting:

(a)    increasing the frequency of the 109 bus given the large number of commuters who use it to get to and from the Railway Station, and the growth in the number of residents due to the increased approval of converted and new housing without car parking, and given the proposed large new housing development on the Norbury Trading Estate site.

(b)   introducing a new single decker new bus route from Crystal Palace Parade to Purley Way via the streets down Norbury Hill to  Croydon University Hospital, St James Road, Central Croydon, Old Town and Waddon.

(c)    extending the G1 route to Thornton Heath Pond, benefitting both local school children and Mayday hospital patients.

Additional Bus Stops

It has also been suggested by several residents that the gap between the bus stop just past Craignish Ave and Ederline Ave is quite far despite the fact that there are many blocks of flats along the stretch, and that an additional stop be added preferably opposite Norbury Library to facilitate its use. Similarly an additional bus stop by the Library has been suggested between Ederline Ave and Tylecroft Rd, particularly given the increase in multi-occupation of housing in the side roads.

London Rd Bus Lane and Crossing Timings

The times/days of the bus lane along Norbury’s stretch of London Rd is confusing. It has been proposed that a survey be carried out recording the times and the locations with photos, so that representations can be made to Tfl. Several residents have requested that action be taken to improve the time phase for pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing lights.

Norbury Railway Station Minor Improvements

Discussions with Stephen Norris, Govia’s Area Station Manager, for small improvements to the Station identified:

  • The need for on board announcements about the platform gap
  • the re-siting of planters away from the anti-suicide railings
  • a collage history poster
  • a new community board on Platform 2
  • replacement of charity bookcase in Platform 2 café damaged by vandal action
  • painting of the closed exit

Progress implementing these improvements has been slow.

Norbury Railway Station site improvements

The Committee has been discussing drafting a request to Network Rail, with copies to the MP and GLA member and Croydon Council, requesting that it make a bid for capital money to improve the Station. Initial ideas for inclusion are: cleaning the bridge; opening up the closed exit; providing lifts; redevelopment of the shops; demolish the closed hairdressers to create a wider entrance up to the Station perhaps with trees and planters, fix the leaking bridge and tackle the growth of plants. It appears that the need to improve lighting under the Bridge is Croydon Council’s responsibility. Drafting awaits some information from Stephen Norris.

New Rail Timetable

The new Southern/Thameslink timetable that came in in May seems to mean:

(a)    direct trains to Victoria will be reduced from six an hour to just four; otherwise people will have to change at Balham for Victoria;

(b)   the journey time to Victoria will take an extra 2/3 minutes;

(c)    there is now a 20 minute gap between the train at ten minutes to the hour and that at ten past;

(d)   there will be fewer trains to East Croydon  from  Norbury;

Norbury Railway Bridge Mural

Love Norbury’s project to have a mural painted on the railway bridge wall opposite the Station side has been ruled out by Network Rail on the grounds that it could distract drivers and create accidents hitting the side of the bridge. The logic of this is baffling given the raised pavements on both sides prevent the bridge walls being struck, and given the many advertising hoards along London Rd, like the one above the railway viaduct above the closed exit.

20mph Zone

The organisation of speed reading activities involving residents and the police, are now organised through TfL. Because of past difficulties residents have had in getting police involvement, the Committee has suggested that one of the member Associations test runs the activity. Its Committee is concerned about the possible reaction to volunteers from motorists.

The Metropolitan Police have been unable to provide locations and details of road accidents since 2016.

There are several places where the 20mph signs are obscured. It has been proposed that a survey be carried out. The member Associations have been asked to take photographs of where they think the entrance to roads should be painted with the 20mph sign in order to request the Council to take action.

Discussion is underway to develop proposals for traffic calming measures in some streets where the 20mph speed limit is regularly being ignored.

Road Safety street improvement plans

Norbury Park Residents Association has drawn up street safety improvement plans, especially speed cushions and more traffic islands, pedestrian crossings. The Committee has recommended that the other four Associations should consider similar plans for their areas. Additional ideas for consideration could include the painting of images on the road that look like arrow heads on speed humps, and the installation of new traffic islands. These plans should also consider the growing problem of car parking congestion and conflict to identify streets by carrying out surveys using a standard local authority model, and the problem of the parking of cars close to the join of roads, especially main roads, and the creation of blind corners.

Granville Rd Car Park

Improved signage for this car park has been approved.


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Norbury events & news at 28 June

Turle rD
Sunset over Turle Rd 25 June 
Posted by Linda Murray on Norbury Photographs Face book


Friday 29 June. 2-6pm. Norbury Manor Primary School Summer Fair

Saturday 30 June. 2pm. Friends of Norbury Hall Park – Help Spruce Up the Park

Meet at Craignish Ave.

See flier at


The coming event has been given a good write-up on Croydon Citizen


Saturday 30 June. Something Old, Something New..Haydn, Mozart and Todd’s Mass in Blue

Streatham Choral Society


Illegal Shisha Smoking continues at the Havanas

Illegal smoking continues inside the two Havanas on London Rd. Sara Quinn, the Council’s Food and Safety Team Manager, requests that we let her know when smoking is taking place inside to help her build up a detailed picture and take action: Sara.Quinn@croydon.gov.uk

New Planning Applications

  • 46 Melrose Avenue (18/03088/GPDO). Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 4.5 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres. Adjoining neighbours may comment.


  • 2 Pollards Hill East (18/02925/HSE). Alterations, Erection of two storey side extension and dormer window on front and rear elevation.


  • 2 Tylecroft Road (18/02963/HSE). Erection of a rear roof extension and roof light to the front roof slope of the house


59 Norbury Crescent

The Love Norbury Planning Committee had objected to this application on the grounds of losing a family sized house for two 2 bed and one one bed flats, not providing a three bedroom flat, with potential intensification along with other developments in relation overstretched increased car parking and public transport problems, and internal design issues. The Committee had bene in discussion with the applicant. The Committee referred it to the Council Planning Committee. At its Sub-committee meeting this evening the Councillors approved this application by 3 votes to 2. The two Councillors against did so because they were concerned that there was no provision for a three bed flat, it was overdevelopment and because of the contribution to car parking problems. I spoke for rejection, and the applicant spoke in favour. The discussion revealed a contradiction/ambiguity in the Councils policies in the new Local Plan in relation to the provision of 3 bedroom homes in new build and conversion, which needs to be resolved.  I have asked the head of the planners to prepare a briefing note to start discussion on how to interpret the Plan.

80 Northborough Road

Why the Love Norbury Planning Committee opposes this application

Following the Committee’s objection a meeting was held with the Planning Officer. After considering the points made in the discussion the Committee sent the following to the Officer.

‘It stands by its objection to the current application. However, bearing in mind that you may decide to approve it then please take into account the following comments.

  1. Frontage window. The Committee notes that the Conservation Officer has proposed that a style of window like the former shop front should be installed. It recommends that the design be as close to replicating the original look as possible.
  2. Entrances. The Committee supports the Conservation Officer’s suggestion that the side entrance into what is marked as Flat 1 be reinstated as previously. This will give Flat 1 more space than currently allowed by the shared front door area with Flat 2.
  3. Flat 1 cycle shed. The Committee understands why the Conservation Officer is proposing why Flat 1’s proposed cycle shed be moved to the back of the property.
  4. Frontage area. As this will free up space in the front the Committee recommends that the current paving be taken up and a front garden provided for Flat 1. As the refuse bins will remain they will need to be on porous paving.
  5. Refuse bins. The current drawings of both sets of bins for the two flats need to be checked to ensure that they will comply with the new recycle bin provision being introduced later this year.
  6. Amenity spaces re-calculation. The removal of the cycle shed for Flat 1 to its back amenity area will take away some of that area. Therefore the allocation of the amenity spaces will need to be re-calculated and the space for Flat 2 will need to comply with the new children’s play area requirements.
  7. Number of residents restrictions. Given its concern with the potential for extra people being residents the Committee recommends:

that the Council check whether or not it has the powers to make Conditions that;

(a)    the proposed playroom in Flat 1 cannot be used as a bedroom given it is a basement room

with inadequate ventilation and natural light.

(b)   that the proposed study room in Flat 2 cannot be  used as a bedroom except for any increases

in the number of children of its future residents.

  1. This is to ensure that Flat 1 does not become lived in by more than 2 people and Flat 2 by the 4 persons (other an extra child) specified in the application. This will prevent the applicant from letting Flat 2 jointly to six people as house in shared occupation.

9..If the Council does not have the power to make such Conditions it should include an Informative              pointing out that any increase in the numbers living could lead to enforcement action.

  1. Vehicle ownership. A restriction on the number of people living in the two Flats will reduce the potential number of vehicles they may own and therefore not adversely affect the growing problems of car parking experienced by existing residents.
  2. Protection of frontage from car parking. Consideration should be given to an Informative to state that the Council will not approve any future application (a) to demolish the wall dividing the property frontage from the pavement, (b)  to allow off-street parking, with or without a cross-over.
  3. Energy and water conservation. Consideration should be given to Conditions that require:

(1)      the provision of water butts

(2)    the energy efficiency savings to be achieved

(3)    the water useage savings to be achieved.

The Committee notes that the application has been referred to the Council Planning Committee by Cllr Mansell. It will inform her of the above views. If the applicant submits revisions it will discuss with her whether the objection and referral should stand or be withdrawn

Planning Appeal Lodged on 144 Green Lane

Having been refused the applicant has submitted an appeal re-erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres with a maximum height of 3.22 metres (17/05047/GPDO).

The reason(s) for the refusal decision were:

1     The enlarged part of the dwelling house extends beyond a wall forming a side elevation of the original dwelling house and has a width greater than half the width of the original dwelling house. This is contrary to the requirements of Class A, Part 1, Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, Clauses A.1 ( (j)(iii) and planning permission is therefore required.

2     The proposed works would be detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of 142 Green Lane by reason of the scale and massing of the proposed extension resulting in an overbearing form of development, a significant loss of outlook and an increased sense of enclosure contrary to Supplementary Planning Document 2 ‘Residential Extensions and Alterations’, Policy UD8 of the Croydon Replacement Unitary Development Plan (The Croydon Plan 2006) Saved Policies 2013 and Policy 7.6 of the London Plan 2011 (consolidated with amendments since 2011).’

Norbury & Pollards Hill Crime Statistics 13 – 20 June

Common Assault 13 June LONDON ROAD
Criminal Damage 14 June NORTON GARDENS
Criminal Damage ARDFERN AVENUE
Theft from Motor Vehicle POLLARDS HILL NORTH
Racially Agg Harassment 16 June EDERLINE AVENUE
Common Assault 19 June LONDON ROAD
Att Burglary Commercial STANFORD ROAD
Common Assault 20 June TYLECROFT ROAD

Ward Police newsletter

Newsletter JUNE 2018


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Norbury and Norbury Hall Parks events 23 & 30 June


The Walk at 2pm will be led by me to discuss the history and the ideas for improving the Park.

fnhp flyer jpg


fnhp flyer reverse jpg

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Events & news at 13 June

Saturday 23 June 1-4pm

Friends of Norbury Park Fun Day

Free activities in Norbury Park, such as:  Treasure Hunt,   Art activities,  Story Time,  Tree spotting,  Quiz, Allotment tour,  Park walk,  Wishing tree, Table top sale, history display plus more

I will be leading a walk around the Park talking about its history and the ideas for its improvement. I will also be running a bookstall.

23 June is a busy day in Norbury with St Philips’ Church Fete and David Clark’s talk at the Library on 20thC  Norbury.

Monday 25 June. 2-4pm. ASB Surgery at Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344 London Road

Norbury & Pollards Hill Ward Crime Statistics 28 May – 12 June

Theft from Motor Vehicle 28 May POLLARDS HILL SOUTH
Criminal Damage NORBURY CROSS
Theft from Motor Vehicle 31 May EDERLINE AVENUE
Criminal Damage Vehicle NORBURY CRESCENT
Theft of Motor Vehicle 1 June POLLARDS HILL WEST
Fly – tipping ACACIA ROAD
Common Assault 2 June DALMENY AVENUE
Vehicle Interference 3 June LINKS GARDENS
 Racially Agg Harassment 4 June STANFORD ROAD
Other Theft 6 June LONDON ROAD
Other Theft 7 June DUNBAR AVENUE
Att Burglary Residential 8 June LONDON ROAD
Theft from Motor Vehicle 9 June POLLARDS HILL WEST
Common Assault 10 June LONDON ROAD
Theft of Motor Vehicle BISHOPS PARK ROAD
Affray 12 June LONDON ROAD

Norbury by the Sea Success

Love Norbury’s Norbury by the Sea Festival on 3 June was a great success.

Sue Ralph’s sponsored haircut at the Festival raised a magnificent   £700

Thanks to all of you who contributed much needed funds to the Cassandra Learning Centre. Jennifer @ the Centre says:

‘a big thanks to all the women’s from the “I love Norbury knitting club” for raising over and above our target of £500:  An even bigger thanks to Sue Ralph for seeking out us out (local charity)  and raising our awareness locally.

The Cassandra Centre is a charity that was set up after the tragic murder of 19 year old Cassandra McDermot by her ex boyfriend.  The charity aims to raise awareness and educate both young men and women about the risks and signs of domestic abuse/violence and to offer much needed support to those in need of assistance. It is based at 1433B London Road (side entrance in Stanford Rd, above Lloyds Bank).

Cassandra LC

Major Traffic accident on Norbury Crescent 6 June


Croydon Festival of Peace 16 – 23 June

Festivlapf Peace

Week of art, music, dialogue, poetry, dance, storytelling and more…

16 June @ Summer of Love Festival Launch – featuring Special Community Performances of the London Mozart Player’s #AnthemForPeace in Wandle Park.

Thursday 21 June. 7.30pm. An historical introduction to Croydon Peace Movements

Talks by Dan Frost and myself. Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Rd.

Interview with Katie Rose, the organiser, can be read at


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Active Norbury programme

Actie Norbury

Saturday 16 June. Active Norbury at Norbury Park

 Louise Fox, the Council’s Live Well Project Officer has emailed the Friends of Norbury Park (11 June):

‘We have fairly recently been awarded some funding through The Active Spaces Fund and the Active Wandle Valley Trust which supports the delivery of programmes on sites newly protected through the Fields in Trust programme, that directly aims to get inactive people in the community more active.

“Active Norbury” provides the members of the local community with the opportunity to access their local park and engage them in regular physical activity.  The funding will be used to provide a programme of activity at Norbury Park for young people, families and older people throughout the spring and summer months.  Working with delivery partners including, Access Sport, Surrey Cricket Foundation and Our Parks, the programme will be made up of BMX sessions (for women and girls, and young people and their families), cricket sessions (for young people aged between 8 and 14 years old) and physical activity sessions (for the older age group (26+ and older adults)).’

BMxercise: Wednesdays. 5– 6.30pm – BMX track
Cricket: Thursdays 4.30–6.30pm (TBC) – Cricket area (grass)
Rock up and Ride: Saturdays. 11am – 12.30pm – BMX  track
Our Parks Yoga: Saturdays.  10–11am- Grass area in front of the pavilion

‘We will be hosting a low key launch of the programme this coming Saturday 16th June, between 11.00am – 2.00pm, during which all three delivery partners will run their sessions at Norbury Park.  Coaches will be delivering come and try activities to provide an introduction to the activities on offer over the course of the summer months; the intention is
to promote the programme, raise awareness and encourage people to join in.

Each delivery partner is in the process of producing their marketing
literature and I will forward this on to you to share as soon as it is available.

I appreciate it is short notice, but if you and other members of Friends of Norbury Park do not have any prior commitments, please feel free to come along and meet the coaches and see the activities.’

Norbury Watch editorial comment: This is typical of the Council. It seems clear there was no consultation with the Friends of Norbury Park in preparing the application and the ideas of what will happen. The short notice of the launch event on 16 June is ridiculous in terms of being able to publicise it among residents. Prior consultation could have ensured that it was held as part of the Friends event the next Saturday 23 June.


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Planning News at 13 June

Antic Pub Update

The Planners have approved the application to revise the plans to make changes to the roof and install a lift and basement. A number of conditions have been attached including provision of  details  of refuse and cycle storage. The premises will  not be open to the public except:- 8am -0.30pm Monday – Thursday; 8am – 1:30am Fridays and Saturdays; and 8am –  hours and 0.30am on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The outdoor area shall only be used between 8am and 10pm. No amplified music shall be played in the outdoor area.

88 Ryecroft Rd Planning Refusal

The planners have rejected the application  (18/01602/FUL) to demolish the existing side projection and build a 2-storey one bed dwelling. The reasons:

‘1 The proposal would fail to preserve or enhance the character of the Conservation Area and would be significantly detrimental to the historic significance of the Norwood Grove Conservation Area and would thereby conflict with Policies 7.4, 7.6, 7.8 and 7.9 of the London Plan (consolidated with alterations since 2011), Policies SP4.1, SP4.12 and SP4.13, DM18.1, DM18.2 and DM18.4 of the Croydon Local Plan 2018, the Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan and Conservation Area General Guidance Supplementary Planning Document (April 2013).

2 The proposal would result in undue cramping and overdevelopment within the plot and would conflict with Policies 3.5, 7.4 and 7.6 of the London Plan (consolidated with alterations since 2011), Policies SP4.1, SP4.12, SP4.13, DM10.1, DM10.2, DM18.1, DM18.2 and DM18.4 of the Croydon Local Plan 2018

3 The two storey nature of the proposed dwelling combined with the proximity of the proposal to the neighbouring properties in Crown Lane would result in a visually intrusive and overbearing form of development which will significantly harm the residential amenities of no.51c Crown Lane and would conflict with Policy DM10.6 of the Croydon Local Plan 2018.

4 The development would result in private amenity space which would suffer from a lack of privacy and compromised ability for future occupants to enjoy the private space due to its siting at the front of the property and its proximity to the highway and would thereby conflict with Policy 3.5 of the London Plan (consolidated with alterations since 2011), Policies DM10.2, DM10.4 and DM10.5 of the Croydon Local Plan 2018 and the Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance to the London Plan (March 2016).

17 Groveland Avenue Planning Refusal

The planners have rejected this planning application (18/01634/HSE) to demolition and build a two storey side extension and single storey rear extension. The reasons:

‘The development would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene by reason of its size, massing and dominant appearance and would thereby conflict with SPD2, Policy DM10 and SP4.1 of Croydon Local Plan 2018 and 7.4 of the London Plan.’

64 Green Lane Planning Refusal

(18/02054/GPDO) to erect single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres. Reasons: ‘The development would be detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of adjoining property by reason of its size and siting resulting in loss of light and outlook and would thereby conflict with Policies DM10 The Croydon Local Plan 2018, 7.6 of the London Plan (consolidated with alterations since 2011) and Supplementary Planning Document No 2 on Residential Extensions and Alterations.’

New Planning Applications

14 Granville Gardens (18/02704/GPDO). Erection of single story rear extension projecting out 3.8 metres with a maximum height of 3.5. metres).

76 Green Lane (18/02632/LE). Retention of outbuilding as self-contained dwelling

2A Green Lane Gardens (18/02057/DISC). Condition 3 re-retention of 2 story block to rear to provide 2x2bed flats (17/05729/FUL)

15 Highbury Avenue (18/02654/LP). Dormer and rooflights.

1433A London Road (18/02186/ADV). Display of freestanding notice board.

This is the Love Norbury community board in Stanford Rd alongside Lloyds Bank building.

263 Norbury Avenue (18/02342/HSE). Alterations and erection of single storey front, side and rear extension.

136 Northborough Road (18/01905/HSE). Erection of single storey rear extension

4 Ryecroft Road (18/02255/HSE). Alterations to front and side elevations.

4 Ryecroft Road (18/02497/HSE). Single storey rear extension.

To look at any of these applications go to


and put in address or reference number.

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