Welcome to Norbury Watch

I have created this blog as a way of bringing together details of news and issues about the the Norbury area of the London Borough of Croydon, given the growing number of community and other types of organisations active in the area.

As at 27 September I represent Norbury Village Residents Association on the Love Norbury Residents Associations’ Joint Planning Committee and chair its Transport Committee. I am chair of the newly formed Norbury Community Land Trust, and am a Governor of Norbury Manor Primary School. I also research and write about aspects of Norbury’s history.

Sean Creighton: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

Over the past two years there have been many issues of concern to residents including:

  • Litter and fly-tipping
  • Street cleaning
  • conversion of offices to residential
  • conversion of large houses to small flats
  • Houses in Multiple occupation
  • Changes to buildings without planning permission
  • Design issues e.g. former Norbury Police Station building and site
  • Run down and empty shops
  • Car parking competition
  • Traffic speeds in side streets
  • The proposed BMX track despite large local opposition
  • The illegal smokng in shishas bars
  • The use of a lot for selling cars next to Norbury Station
  • The run-down of the Norbury and Norbury Hall Parks
  • Planning permissions in the Pollards Hill area which are feared will aggravate water run-off problems already affecting some properties foundations

Four Residents Associations work together through the Love Norbury Partnership which has:

  • a Love Norbury discount card scheme which gives all resident association members’ discount in over 35 local shops
  • a Joint Planning Committee
  • a Transport Committee
  • a high street and retail sub-group
  • an events sub-group
  • a green spaces sub-group
  • a community spaces sub-group
  • an environment sub-group
  • the Knitting Norbury Together project

The Associations hold their own general and public meetings and organise social events. They are:

A range of activities are offered by:  local faith groups, Norbury Mums, the Allotments Society, Friends of Norbury Park, the Manor Farm Reserve group,  British Legion club, Norbury Bowling Club,  The Norbury Lawn Tennis Club, and the Cassandra Learning Centre.

Having been registered Norbury Community Land Trust is preparing ways to publicise its aims and seek members.

The three Councillors for the area are: Sherwan Choudury, Shafi Khan, Maggie Mansell


Updated 27 September 2017

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Norbury News & events from 19 February

Monday 19 February. 7.30pm. A Balanced Approach to Norbury’s Future Housing & Development

Launch of Norbury Community Land Trust

Harlow Hall, entrance to Oakhill Rd, off Stamford Rd.


Saturday 24 February.1-4pm. Police drop in surgery at Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344 London Rd

Some Croydon Events


Norbury Park Vision Report

The Masterplan report of the  Norbury Park Vision consultation held last summer by consultants for the Council has finally been published.


The Friends of Norbury Park are considering their response to it.

Top find out more about the Friends email the Secretary at

Police News

The February newsletter of the Norbury Local Police Team contains  details of a drugs arrest during a raid re-suspected theft of motor vehicles, and a 3 night long undercover operation to tackle such theft. As there has been some cash point thefts and distractions on and around London Road, it gives  some helpful tips of how to Stay Safe while using ATMs. It can be read here:

A police car crashed into another vehicle


Crime Statistics 5-10 February

Burglary Residential 5 Feb London Road
Theft from Motor Vehicle   Hatch road
Racially Agg  Harassment   London Road
Criminal Damage 6 Feb Kilmartin Avenue
Robbery Person London Road
Other Theft 7 Feb London Road
Theft of Motor Vehicle 8 Feb Pollards Hill West
Offensive Weapon   London Road
Threat Crim Damage   London Road
Common Assault 9 Feb London Road
Theft of Motor Vehicle   London Road
Theft of Motor Vehicle 10 Feb London Road
Other Theft   St Helens Crescent
Burglary Residential   Norbury Court Road

 London National City Park

The initiative to have London declared as a national City Park now has the support of the Councillors Norbury and Thornton Heath Wards. The number of ward Councillors now signing up with their support in Croydon is 54%.


Plan to demolish Norbury Trading Estate

 A major loss of employment buildings will occur with the plans of the new owner Goldcrest Land Ltd to demolish the units at Norbury Trading Estate on Craignish Avenue. It has submitted its demolition plan to the Council, which will spread over just twelve months.

A covering letter states: ‘The building to be demolished is a commercial building as part of a wider terrace of buildings. The building to be demolished is clearly shown on the existing floorplan and elevations drawings enclosed within this notification. The enclosed prior notification of proposed demolition simply seeks to notify LB Croydon that the building will be demolished and provides details on the proposed method of demolition and restoration. Significantly, the demolition of the building will enable the site to be redeveloped in the future’

18/00504/PAD – Unit 1; Start date 1.3.19

18/00505/PAD – Unit 2; Start date 1.3.19

18/00506/PAD – Units 3 and 4; Start date 1.9.18

18/00507/PAD – Unit 5: Start date 1.5.18

18/00508/PAD – Unit 6: Start date 1.3.19

18/00509/PAD – Unit 7: Start date 1.6.18

The documents are the same for each unit and can be seen at


Scots Estate Residents Association is considering its view on this and the proposed housing scheme that Goldcrest plan to build.

Goldcrest is a significant developer being involved in over 150 sites. The purchase of the Trading Estate has been financed by Barclays Bank.

In August 2016 the Richmond Council Planning Committee rejected one of Goldcrest’s applications which residents opposed. Goldcrest won on appeal last year. In November 2016 having purchased a former Camden Council site, Goldcrest put it on the market hoping to make £0.5m profit. In September last year Goldcrest sold its former Thames Water site in Fortescue Rd in Merton to the Clarion Housing Group which plans to build housing.

This history raises the question as to whether Goldcrest will sell the site on and not proceed with its housing scheme.


Full Applications

These are applications on which neighbours and residents living in the wide area can comment on.

1 Abingdon Road (18/00320/HSE). Erection of dormers in front roof slope and detached building at the rear to be used as a gym


53 Christian Fields (18/00568/HSE).  Construction of part single, part two-storey side extension, first floor side extension, internal alterations and front porch.


38 Crescent Way (18/00361/HSE). Erection of side/rear extension


29 Gibson’s Hill (18/00633/HSE). Demolition and erection of single storey side


Gibsons Lodge Gibson’s Hill (18/00165/FUL). Erection of single storey storage building

1563A London Road  (18/00382/FUL). Erection of roof extension to existing outrigger with two associated dormer windows.


Consultation ends 2 March.

252 Norbury Avenue (18/00345/FUL). Proposed subdivision into two dwellings and Erection of single/two-storey side/rear extension 


2 Tylecroft Road (18/00643/HSE). Erection of a rear/side infill extension



These are applications which simply want confirmation that the proposed works can be carried out on national planning rule freedoms.

 1 Abingdon Road (18/00316/LP). Erection of dormer in rear roof slope

11 Elgar Avenue  (18/00402/LP). Erection of single storey rear extension and removal of chimney stack

64 Newlands Road (18/00664/LE). Existing glazed garden room, since November 2011


 These are applications which may conform with the national planning rules. They can only be commented on by neighbours whose property/land immediately adjoins at the side and back. The neighbours should have been notified by the Council.

29 Dalmeny Avenue (18/00329/GPDO). Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres with a maximum height of 2.85 metres

28 Elgar Avenue (18/00679/GPDO). Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres

276 Green Lane  (18/00512/GPDO). Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 4 metres with a maximum height of 3.975 metres   

1393B London Road (17/06258/GPDO). Use of part ground, first and second floors for purposes within class C3 (residential)

 Discharge of Conditions

 These applications can be commented on as to whether they do or do not meet the conditions of the existing planning permissions.

 4 Arnulls Road (18/00510/DISC). Discharge of condition 4, 5, 6d, 6e and 6f attached to permission 17/03578/LBC for Erection of new glazed link between dwelling & outbuilding, rebuilding of outbuilding & associated internal modifications to dwelling & outbuilding


 Gibsons Lodge Gibson’s Hill. (18/00147/DISC). Discharge of condition 1 attached to planning permission 17/01354/pful for the Demolition of a section of a single storey part of addition to a building and storage garage and shed: erection of single storey extensions and of a detached storage facility


6 Hollies Close (18/00198/DISC). Discharge of condition 3 attached to planning permission 17/05646/hse for Alterations and use of garage as habitable room: erection of single storey rear extension and dormer extension in rear roof slope


 Non Material Amendment

 Land To The Rear Of 37-41 Pollards Hill (18/00438/NMA). Demolition of outbuilding; erection of a pair of two-storey 4 bedroom semi-detached houses and provision of 4 car parking spaces (non-material amendment to planning permission 13/04009/P)



 1264 – 1266 London Road (18/00337/ADV)

Erection of externally illuminated wall mounted signs and non-illuminated fascia sign, and erection and replacement of freestanding internally illuminated signs



If you do decide to make comments

please tick the box on the Council planning register

to have them sent back to you by email,

and then copy that email to  the Love Norbury Planning Committee

at  sean.creighton1947@btinetrnet.com.


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Health & Wellbeing talks February & March

Wellbeing talks in Norbury Feb March 2018

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Norbury news and events at 4 February

Events & Activities

Table Tennis – Every Friday 10am to 12:30pm
Computer sessions – Every Friday 11am – 12:30pm

Both at St Philip’s Church, Beatrice Avenue

Friday 16 February. Noon to 7pm.Norbury flood-alleviation scheme drop-in event

Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club, r/o 55 Ederline Avenue



Quiz night


Sunday 18 February. 12-6pm. Visit Mosque Day

Norbury Islamic Centre, 1116 London Road.

Monday 19 February. Launch of Norbury Community Land Trust



Thursday 1 March. Norbury Park Residents Association


Fly-tipping and litter news

Norbury’s own fly-tippers get fined

In the recent list of names of people convicted of fly-tipping issues by the Council the following are Norbury residents of:

  • Fairview Road ordered to pay £742 for fly-tipping two bags on the pavement behind Summit Court on July 10, 2017.
  • Tylecroft Road  was ordered to pay a total of £510 for fly-tipping two bags of household waste outside a neighbour’s property on April 17, 2017. This case was heard on November 7 at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.
  • Fairview Road was ordered to pay a total of £350 for fly-tipping waste in the same street on May 2, 2017. This case was heard on November 28, at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.
  • London Road was ordered to pay a total of £374 for littering a small black bag containing a drinks can onto Colliers Water Lane on June 17, 2017. This case was heard on January 16, at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

Norbury Park – litter and bins

Jonny Gibb, the Council’s Regeneration officer for Norbury District Centre, who is working closely with Love Norbury, has supplied the following explanation about the contract to clear litter and empty bins in Norbury Park.

Norbury Park has 8 litter bins. They are not emptied to a set frequency but they must achieve a standard:

  • All litter bins and dog bins should be no more than 60% full. If a bin reaches 75% full the bin (and liner or bag if applicable) must be completely emptied and bags/liners replaced.
  • All waste collected must be removed from site on the same day or placed in a secure location for collection (location to be agreed with the Council).
  • All sharps needles, syringes must be placed in a designated “sharps box” supplied by the Service Provider and appropriately disposed of.
  • A record must be kept of all sharps found, to include the date, number of sharps found and the exact location. This record must be sent to the monitoring officer on a monthly basis.
  • All litter and re-cycling bins must be kept clean, free from graffiti and bird droppings and cleaned regularly.
  • Immediately following cleansing operations on the ground and including the emptying of all litter bins, all sites should have no litter.
  • If any sites fall below the standard it must be brought up to the required standard within a specified timescale.

Bins are inspected regularly to ensure they are emptied when needed.

If residents want to report any issues around overflowing bins they can do this by emailing parks@croydon.gov.uk or through one of the means in the document accessible here:

There is a trial to fit sensors on bins which will tell the contractor when they are full.

With regard to the BMX bike track there is an order out to install two double litter bins for the BMX track – one by the track and one near the pavilion.

To report litter and fly-tip confidentially look at the Council flier here:

Reporting Environmental issues to Croydon council

I submitted questions on the monitoring and future of the litter contract to the recent Council Scrutiny Sub-committee which was questioning the Cabinet member responsible for parks and leisure. I have followed it up with a Freedom of Information question.

Crime Statistics

Burglary Residential 25 Jan NORBURY CRESCENT
Burglary Residential NORBURY CRESCENT
Common Assault 27 Jan BEATRICE AVENUE
Robbery Person LONDON ROAD
Attempted Burglary Res NORBURY CRESCENT
Theft from Motor Vehicle CROWN LANE
Criminal Damage Veh 29 Jan LONDON ROAD
Exposure 30 Jan COVINGTON WAY

The police have been searching  for a female cyclist who ‘may have attacked woman then fled’ after a crash.


Norbury and Votes for Women

One of the suffragettes arrest and imprisoned was Norbury’s Miss E. Smith. I mention her in my discussion on Croydon suffragettes at


I have yet to identify where her Norbury address.

What goes on in easy reach of Norbury?

We are spoilt for choice as to a wide range of activities and events that go on in Croydon and in Streatham. There is  no single website site which covers them all, but you can get a good idea going to the websites of:

Just Croydon

Turf Projects

David Lean Cinema at the Clocktower

The Hideway cafe – jazz in Streatham

Streatham Society at St Leonards Church

Odeon Streatham

Battersea Arts Centre, Clapham Junction

My other websites include details of some Croydon events, along with news.


If you go to the end of yesterday’s posting about Brick by Brick and the threat to green spaces you will see details about walks in Croydon’s parks and open spaces, and rambles  further afield.

There is also a list of events put on by the members of the Local Studies Forum:


You can get alerts for postings on this by asking me to add you to the email list, and you can also get automatic alerts if you follow me on Facebook


If you are interested in discussion about what is going on in Croydon and reviews then have a look at the Croydon Citizen website.

You can also pick by the monthly  print issue of Croydon Citizen at Norbury Library.


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Norbury Islamic Centre Open Day 18 February


1116 London Rd

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Norbury Park Residents Association AGM 1 March


If you live in the NPRA area -you are eligible to join.


As with any  Residents Association you need to be a member:

  • to vote at the AGM for the officers and the Committee
  • to stand for an Officership and Committee membership

Please note that as the Association is not a member of the Love Norbury Partnership with the other four associations, members are not eligible for the Love Norbury Discount cards in shops along Norbury High St.

Within the area there exist other organisations:

A new group has been established to take a special interest in the whole length of Norbury Brook through Norbury and Thornton Heath.

The Love Norbury Transport Committee is in discussions with Southern Railway about the Station and its environment.

The Norbury Community Land Trust is seeking to buy the former car lot at the Station to create a community garden.





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Launch of Norbury Community Lane Trust 19 February


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Norbury Events to 17 March

Saturday 27 January. 10:30 am. Norbury Knitters Session

All welcome. Norbury Library

Saturday 27 January. 2.30pm. A History of Bathing Machines and Seaside Piers

Clark bathing

Monday 29 January. 7pm. Norbury Knitters Session

All welcome. Norbury Library

Moon under Water pub

Wednesday 31 January. 12noon-2pm. Police  Drop in Surgery

Local Police office, 1342-1344 London Road

Thursday 1 February. 7pm. Norbury Brook meeting


Endeavour Scout Halls, 273 Norbury Crescent, SW16 4LF

Friday 2 February. 10.30am. Norbury Knitters Session

All welcome. Harlow Hall, corner Stanford/Oakhill Rds

Saturday 3 February 10am-12noon. Norbury Neighbours Coffee Morning

Friday 16 February. Noon to 7pm.Norbury flood-alleviation scheme drop-in event

Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club, r/o 55 Ederline Avenue

See details at


Saturday 17 February. 7.30pm. Quiz and Curry Night.

St.. Philip’s Church Hall, Beech Rd, SW16 4NW

Monday 19 February. 7.30pm. Launch of Norbury Community Land Trust

Harlow Hall, corner Stanford/Oakhill Rds

For details see


Saturday 3 March Norbury Neighbours Coffee Morning

Norbury Library

Satursay 17 March. 10am-1om. Love Norbury Clean Up Day

Meet outside Norbury Pub, 1300 London Rd

 Norbury Library back in Council control following Carillion collapse




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