Welcome to Norbury Watch

I  created this blog as a way of bringing together details of news and issues about the the Norbury area of the London Borough of Croydon, given the growing number of community and other types of organisations active in the area and the events they run, and the wide range of issues of concern to residents.

Sean Creighton: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

I am a member of the Norbury Residents Planning & Transport Group (formerly Love Norbury Planning and Transport Committees), Chair of the Norbury Community Land Trust and a member of the Council’s Norbury Regeneration Steering Group with the local Councillors and representatives of the Residents Associations and other local groups . I research and publish on aspects of Norbury’s history. I also run a blog site on Croydon event, issues and news:


Residents Associations

There are five Residents Associations:

whose areas are on both sides of London Rd,

and Norbury Park Residents Association which runs from the railway line across the Covington Way, along Norbury Ave and Green Lane.


Love Norbury Partnership

The four London Rd area Residents Associations set up the Love Norbury Partnership to work together on common issues and to organise joint events like London Rd Clean Up days, a summer festival, the ‘Xmas’ lights on the lamp posts, and the Xmas Fayres.

Since May 2019 the Partnership has been opened up to other local groups such as the Friends of Norbury and Norbury Hall Parks.

Knitting Norbury Together

This group is linked in with Love Norbury. It decorates the streets and events.

Friends of the Parks

With the help of the Love Norbury Partnership Residents Associations the following Friends of the Parks groups have been set up:

Friends ofNorbury Park: fnorpark@outlook.com

Friends of Norbury Hall Park: http://norburyhallpark.org.uk

Other groups and activities

Local faith groups

Allotments Society

Manor Farm Reserve group

Norbury Community Lane Trust

British Legion club

Norbury Bowling Club

Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club: https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/NorburyParkLTC

Cassandra Learning Centre

Darby & Joan Club

There are also small groups and initiatives by individuals such the residents of 1-6 Semley Close, the residents in ????, David Clark who organises the planting and the book cases at the Railway Station, gardening groups, the reading group at the Library, and street champions,

Norbury and the Council 

Norbury is divided into two electoral wards along the railway line with two Councillors each:

Norbury & Pollards Hill:


Norbury Park:


Norbury Regeneration Steering Group

Since March 2019 the Council has set up the Norbury Regeneration Steering Group comprising the four Councillors, the five residents associations, the two Friends of the Parks groups, Manor Farm Reserve, Community Land Trust and Cassandra Learning Centre. Other local groups wishing to may also become members.

Norbury’s MP

Norbury is in Croydon North Parliamentary constituency. The MP is Steve Reed


Updated 10 June 2019

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Events 20 & 22 September & planning news


Friday 20 September. 7.30pm. Norbury Park Information evening

Organised by Friends of the Park

St. Oswald’s Church

Flier can be seen here

norbury park popin 1 

Sunday 22 September. 2-6pm. Family Fun Day

Pollards Hill Residents Association and Love Norbury

Flier can be seen here

Family Funday 22 September

Covington/Crescent Ways Open Space Petition

Have you signed the petition to stop the potential building on the green space at Covington/Crescent Ways?


New Planning Applications

203 Norbury Avenue. (19/03884/FUL). Demolition and erection of single storey front extension/porch


206 Norbury Crescent (19/03768/FUL). Erection of  two-storey side/rear and single-storey rear extensions and first floor rear balcony to facilitate conversion of existing dwelling into 5 no. flats (1×3 bed, 4×1 bed) with associated car and cycle parking, waste storage and amenity space.


18 Pollards Hill (19/04117/FUL). Amended plans for Brambles site. Demolition of the existing detached house and redevelopment to provide 9 x four bedroom detached houses with associated amenity space, vehicle parking, refuse and cycle storage.


37 Ryecroft Road (19/04278/HSE). Alterations, demolition and erection of a part single/part two storey rear extension, conversion of garage to habitable room and erection of an outbuilding.


222 Tylecroft Road (19/04287/DISC). Discharge of condition 02 attached to planning permission 19/02158/HSE (alterations to include replacement windows to front and rear elevations, erection of single storey rear extension and installation of three rooflights in rear roofslope).


Planning Refusal 24 Pollards Hill

Erection of part 2-storey, part single storey rear extension, dormer windows to both side facing roof slopes, front porch infill extension and associated alterations. Reason(s) for Refusal:

‘1 The proposed side dormer windows would dominate their respective roof slopes, would fail to retain the characteristics of the original dwelling and would be detrimental to the amenities of the townscape by reason of their massing and design.’

‘2 The proposed rear extension would be detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of adjoining properties by reason of its siting and rearward projection resulting in an undue overbearing, and unacceptable harm to the outlook and daylight to the existing neighbours.’

Planning Approvals

(LP and GPDO not listed)

6 White Lodge, Upper Norwood. Erection of single storey rear extension. Conditions include (1) at least one water butt of 100 litre volume, and (2) the roof area of the structure not to be used as a balcony, roof garden or similar area to protect the privacy of adjoining occupiers.

Planning & Transport Co-ordination

Due to the over stretchiness of activists in the Residents Associations the joint Planning & Transport Group has become unviable. The Love Norbury Committee has agreed to wind it up, and that it will be down to Residents Associations Committees to consider the applications, informing each other if the applications have implications outside their areas. Norbury wide transport issues will be dealt with through the Norbury Regeneration Steering Group with the local Councillors. I will co-ordinate any submissions needed to the next phase of the Council’s Croydon Local Plan 2018 Review.

Norbury Manor Primary School maintenance spending

Croydon Council’s Cabinet on Thursday 18 September will approve maintenance spending on Council owned schools. Norbury Manor Primary is having £172,000 spent to replace pipework and radiators, and £25,000 to replace the existing electrical intake server head with a new one.

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Vehicle Mayhem in Oakhill Rd


Residents in Oakhill, Croindene and the London Rd end of Stanford Rd have been left shaken and angry by being woken up in the middle of the night by mayhem involving several vehicles and men chasing a the driver of a land rover.

Police Statement

‘Shortly after 03.00 this morning, police received multiple calls to a disturbance in Oakhill Road, London SW16.  At this early stage, it appears a group have used baseball bats to damage a number of cars in the street and attack at least one person.  There have also been collisions between cars.

As a result of this incident one male is at hospital with head injuries, which are not believed to be life threatening/changing at this stage.  There are approximately twenty residents’ vehicles which have been damaged, some seriously, including one which has overturned.

One male has been arrested.  Enquiries are ongoing to identify, locate and detain others involved.’

  • Duncan Anderson, Inspector, Operations Manager, SN BCU, Metropolitan Police Service.  Met Phone 730466. 20 8649 0466. Duncan.Anderson@met.police.uk.Sutton Police Station, 6 Carshalton Road, Sutton, Surrey, SN1 4RF.


At first residents thought it was road rage involving drivers not prepared to give way. It now looks like either an organised vehicle theft attempt or a feud.

The driver of the land rover fled down Oakhill from Croindene. He landed up crashing through the perimeter wall of Jasmine Court just missing smashing  into the ground floor flat.

Residents who saw bits of what happened think up to 30 men may have been involved. Some were seen on foot with baseball bats. A taxi carrying a passenger was caught in the mayhem on the corner of Oakhill and Croindene. A Croindene resident’s parked car was flipped over on to its side on to the pavement on the Norbury Manor Primary school side. A silver car smashed to one side and pushed a parked white car on to that side of the pavement.

Several residents cars have been damaged, some more badly than others. It will be up to the insurance companies whether they are repairable or are too expensive and will have to be written off.

Norbury Village Residents Association Committee is planning a leaflet for local residents, and aims to hold a public meeting on the crime and traffic issues in the area.

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New Norbury History events & publications

Chronicle 2

Norbury Estate

To order email sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com who will pass on to David Clark.

Talk at Methodist

LOCAL HISTORY WALK  on Sunday 13th October at 2pm David Clark, local historian will be leading a Local History Walk  to the Rookery starting from the ticket hall at Norbury Station.  After entering and crossing Norbury Park we will cross Green Lane before walking along Gibsons Hill to the entrance of Norwood Grove.









An early 1800s etching of the white House                                              We then follow the footpath up to the White House.                                 After enjoying the panoramic views, we then walk along       the avenue to the Streatham Rookery where we conclude the     walk after a short tour and history talk about the Rookery.                                 There will be constant pauses during the walk to             compare the views of 100 years ago and to hear about the       history of the area.

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Council treats Norbury with contempt over ‘pop-up’ library & other news

The so-called ‘pop-up’ library at Harlow Hall is a pathetic facility. The only books being provided are those being returned by library users. There are no newspapers and not even one computer. The information leaflet about its opening hours and the alternative facilities at Thornton Heath and Broad Green Libraries can’t even spell the Oakhill and Stanford Rds properly. Only one member of staff is on duty raising concerns about health and safety. A second alleged ‘pop-up library is at the Norbury Lawn Tennis Club.

It has been absolute chaos for fly-tips across the borough of croydon this weekend.’ 

– James Cridge, Veolia’s Environmental Manager message to Ken one of  Norbury’s Street Champion this week.

To 14 September. Get your blood pressure checked

The Council is promoting the benefits of having your blood pressure checked and is advertising a number of chemists where this is being done free.  Here in Norbury it is Day Lewis Pharmacy, 1351 London Rd. Usual opening times.




Internal Eveing

22 eptember

Co-op Shop news

Delay in the start of work on the London Rd shops for the Co-op local store has been partly caused by problems negotiating with Transport for London on closing a parking bay to enable parking for works vehicles and deliveries. Work is expected to start soon. Some minor amendments to the planning approval will be submitted in the next few days, but these should not hold up the works.

The developer has decided to retain and convert and extend the building rather than demolish the existing red-brick Co-op complex.  It is hoped that the pre-application plans will be available soon for consultation with residents.

Antic Pub  works re-starting

Antic Pubs has finally apologised publicly for the delay in completion of the works to its new pub on Norbury Crescent. The last phase of the structural works is to re-start soon followed by internal fitting works. It is hoped to open in the New Year.

New Planning Applications

2 Christian Fields (19/03156/FUL)

Retrospective application for the erection of outbuilding

Comment: Norbury Park Residents Association PRA may wish to recommend to the planners that (1) it cannot be used for residential and (2) a water butt be provided.

Planning Applications  Granted

92 Stanford Road (19/03547/HSE). Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling, comprising a two storey rear extension, provision for two new window openings to the western elevation and provision for two new roof lights to the eastern roof slope.

3 Beaufort Gardens (19/03241/HSE). Retention of orangery to rear. Conditions include:

(1)    ‘no windows shall be inserted or constructed in the flank elevations (other than shown on the approved drawings) of the building hereby approved without the express permission of the Local Planning Authority. Reason: To protect the amenities of adjoining occupiers and the visual character of the area.’

(2)    ‘At least one water butt of 100 litre volume shall be installed on a downpipe attached to the roof of the development prior to occupation/commencement of the use and shall be retained and maintained for so long as the development remains in existence. Reason: To ensure that the principles of sustainable drainage are incorporated into the development and to reduce the impact of flooding’.

(3)    ‘The roof area of the structure hereby permitted shall not be used as a balcony, roof garden or similar area … or any amendment or replacement thereof no alterations shall be carried out to create access to it. Reason To protect the privacy of adjoining occupiers.’

3 Springfield Road Planning Application Refused

Conversion of garage to habitable roof, first floor side extension, extension of existing roof, dormer extension in rear roof slope, rooflights in from and rear roof slopes, single storey extension and outbuilding. (19/03150/HSE) Reasons for refusal:

(1)    ‘The proposed works would be detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of 1 Springfield Road by reason of the height, depth and massing of the proposed rear extension resulting in an unacceptable loss of outlook and daylight and oppressive impact on the rear habitable rooms’

(2)    ‘The garage conversion and first floor side extension, and extension to the original roof would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene and the character of the townscape by reason of its poor design due to the introduction of several different roof forms; and size, massing and dominant appearance of the side extension due to the lack of set backs from the original dwelling’.

Low Emission Parking Charges Start on 1 October for new permits and when residents current permits come up for renewal and for

In response to the Council’s consultation on the charges the following comments were submitted re-their effect in Norbury

(1)    ‘Concern that by being Borough wide the proposals fail to address the particular air pollution problems along and off the London Road running through Norbury & Pollards Hill Ward.’

The Council’s response:  ‘This scheme is an initial phase and is intended to influence an uptake in lower emission vehicles amongst Croydon residents living within CPZs south of Norbury and commuting by car through London Road in Norbury. The subsequent proposed phase of emission-based destination parking charges and the wider public opinions formed by the proposals are is also likely to stimulate an uptake in lower emissions amongst car commuters who do not live within a CPZ. The fact that the average emissions from cars travelling through Norbury is being lowered, would help improve air quality along London Road. The Council is taking parallel measures to discourage the school run, which also contributes to peak time traffic in London Road, with currently proposed School Street restrictions in Abingdon Road, Norbury, and consideration to identifying other candidate schools in the area.

(2)    ‘ Consider the introduction of a low emission zone along London Road, with at least two levels of charges: (1) Croydon residents, (2) non-Croydon residents.’

Council response:  ‘The suggestion is similar to the London Mayor’s ULEZ scheme, which is a binary charge and is concerned with moving traffic. The London Mayor does not currently have any plan for extending the ULEZ to Croydon. The Mayor instead requires the outer boroughs to define and implement their own schemes, whether they call it ULEZ or something else and to use measures that that are appropriate for local conditions. The aim is a reduction in car ownership and use.’

(3)    Comment:  ‘Consider the re-trenching of public utilities under the London Road pavements in order to allow for the planting of more trees which will help absorb air pollution. Extend Tree Preservation Orders. Require developments to be set back from the road and include mature trees planting. Influence Network Rail to stop cutting down or replace with mature trees. Identify parts of the Borough where there may be more scope for tree planting.’

Council response:  ‘The Council has a policy on tree planting, although it is not directly linked to emission-based parking charges.  The council’s active tree planting program aims to plant 650 trees each year and this year alone it is expected to deliver 1200 trees.’

(4)    ‘Develop charging for diesel vehicles as the first stage in any future proposed emission-based charging to encourage owners to change their cars.’

Council response:  ‘This current scheme for emissions charges for permits includes a diesel surcharge. The future phases will incorporate diesel surcharges.’

(5)    ‘if the proposals are adopted there will be an incentive for residents to consider turning the fronts of their houses into off-street parking, reducing the number of front gardens, reducing the parking spaces for other residents by the creation of cross-overs, and increasing the risks from surface water draining into gutters.’

Council response:  ‘Restrictions apply to making a pavement cross-over and hardstanding for parking on private property, and these take into consideration road conditions, dimensions, underground services and surface water effects. The required works to strengthen a foot path and install a pavement cross-over tend to be extensive and, in many cases, may require prior planning consent and the associated cost is significantly higher than a parking permit charge.  The Government’s Planning Portal states that specific rules apply for householders wanting to pave over their front gardens, such as if the surface to be covered is more than five square metres then planning permission will be needed for laying traditional, impermeable driveways that do not provide for the water to run to a permeable area. Residents who choose to install pavement cross-overs do so to secure access, not to avoid the permit charge and need to obtain permission from the council to drop the kerb and strengthen the pavement. The emission-based permit charge scheme has potential for helping to reduce the number of cars parked in a road, hence improving access and reducing the incentive for residents to concrete over their front gardens.’



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Ken’s Street Champion Litter etc statistics January-August


BAGS GREEN WASTE 5 9 12 26 32 327 207 566 126 56 748
RUBBISH I COLLECTED 14 10 12 36 18 20 25 63 35 28* 126
RUBBISH REPORTED 20 15 19 54 30 36 48 114 85 77 276
ALL FURNITURE 2 4 8 14 4 7 17 28 5 2 35
BEDS/MATTRESSES 3 5 7 15 9 10 21 40 10 10 60
BUILDERS RUBBLE 1 0 2 3 0 6 6 12 6 4 22
ALL WHITE GOODS 0 1 0 1 3 4 3 10 2 2 14
LARGE CARDBOARD 0 0 1 1 0 2 0 2 3 0 5
WOOD 0 1 2 3 5 2 2 9 3 11 23
CLOTHING/TOYS/OTHER 0 0 0 0 4 4 8 16 7 5 28
 ONLY FOOD WASTE                   8* 8
LARGE FLY TIPPING                   6 6

Ken comments: ‘As you can see from the above figures for August the dumping of GREEN WASTE has significantly reduced. I have separated collected rubbish [normal street rubbish and food waste only]. Extra column LARGE FLY TIPS this month figures included 1 at Bavant Road and 5 separate occasions at Isham Road between Tylecroft and Northborough Roads.

No 12 Stanford Road seems to be complying with the requests made by the N S O team who as I understand have spoken with the lan lord or it could be coincidence as there is [was] a Flat for Sale board and judging by past numerous complaints and photographs submit whom in their right frame of mind rent/purchase property in the state it was? The same address is waiting for delivery of a communal wheelie bin and being on the list for a weekly rubbish collection.

There are still 2 properties on Stanford Road whose front gardens are beyond the state of normality and are more like the recycling depot or second-hand furniture shop. I believe that one has been visited by the N S O Team but to date is in the same state when visited by Councillor Collins and myself.

Isham Road between Tylecroft and Nortborough is a constant battle to which the council ARE LOSING, this month alone there have been 5 separate cases of large Fly tips.  All concerned parties are aware, but the culprits evade detection.

During my dog walking along various streets I have noticed on numerous occasions residents being blind to the rubbish that is on the pavement outside of their property and either walk past or kick the same into the road, it only takes a little longer to pick up and place in their wheelie bin.

Veolia and the N S O team are still doing a great job and my thanks are sent  along with the street cleaner for Stanford Road who is doing a first-class job he not only uses his ‘picker’ but also brush and shovel ‘’well done sir’’


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KNITTING NORBURY TOGETHER – September – November 2019

This is a lively group which meets to knit, crochet and natter.  We mostly knit to add fun an interest to local events.  In the last year, we have made poppies and decorated the war memorial almost opposite the fire station; decorated the Love Norbury Christmas fair as well as having a stall; and taken part in a knitathon to provide twiddlemuffs for people with dementia.  It doesn’t cost anything; most of the wool, needles and patterns are provided. We share skills and are pleased to teach knitting and crochet. Members come when ever they can and contribute what they can.  Why not come along and join us for a cuppa, a natter and maybe a bit of knitting.  Sessions usually last about an hour.


(Fridays at 10.30am)


(Saturdays at Noon)

6 September 14 September
20 September 28 September
4 October 12 October
18 October 26 October
1 November 9 November
15 November 23 November
29 November Dec to be decided


Harlow Hall, Corner Stanford Road & Oakhill Road – Oakhill Rd entrance

Pop Café, Norbury Methodist Church, 2a Pollards Hill North


Brenda English:  brenda@brendaenglish.co.uk

Ann Creighton:  ann.creighton@btinternet.com  – 07841576585


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Trading Estate & Railway Station Planning News

Norbury Trading Estate Plan approved despite continued concerns

The outline planning permission for up to 7 storeys for the proposed housing and employment development for the Norbury Trading Estate was approved on Thursday by the Council Planning Committee on Thursday 29 August. This was in spite on objection by Scots Estate Residents Association and the two local Councillors. Even the argument to defer a decision to enable more public consultation was rejected.

A detailed critique was circulated by SERA to all Councillors and Winston Stewart of the SERA Committee spoke to Councillors as did Cllr Leila Ben Hassel.

Further details to be posted later.

Basement proposed for overdevelopment block at Railway Station

 The owners of the site next to the Railway Station are seeking tom add a basement storage area for the commercial unit which will from the block of flats on Norbury Avenue. This block was opposed by local residents, Love Norbury, the local Councillors and the MP Steve Reed, bit approved by the Council Planning Committee. I have submitted the following objection.

‘This application started off as one to add a basement. in August additional documents were submitted on matters that appear to have nothing to with the proposed basement. It is not clear from the documentation whether these are drawings to meet some of the conditions or whether they are revisions of the details already approved by the Planning Committee. It looks as if these should have been treated as a separate set of planning applications with therefore a different consultation period.

These documents should be withdrawn from consideration along with the proposed basement and be re-validiated as a separate combined application with a document making it clear what there purpose is.

The proposed basement raises some concerns:

(1) In the view of local Councillors and residents and the MP at the time the application for the block was approved by Committee was that it was inappropriate and overdevelopment. The addition of a basement will simply result in a further intensification of the use of the commercial unit with added storage leading to additional deliveries and collections and an increases in the traffic problems that already plague the stretch of Norbury Avenue along the Station frontage and the site frontage The application should be refused because of this.

(2) There is concern about the possible effect on subsidence of the site by constructing the proposed basement. It is understood by residents that Network Rail has to check for the danger of subsidence that could adversely affect the stability of Platform 1. It is therefore imperative that Network Rail be consulted on these plans, and that no decision is taken until their views have been received, and if need be there be a meeting between Development Management and Network Rail about this.’

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