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I  created this blog as a way of bringing together details of news and issues about the the Norbury area of the London Borough of Croydon, given the growing number of community and other types of organisations active in the area and the events they run, and the wide range of issues of concern to residents.

Sean Creighton: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

I am a member of the Love Norbury Planning and Transport Committees and Chair of the Norbury Community Land Trust. I research and publish on aspects of Norbury’s history. I also run a blog site on Croydon event, issues and news:


and write for Croydon Citizenhttps://thecroydoncitizen.com

Four Residents Associations work together through the Love Norbury Partnership

Love Norbury also has the Knitting Norbury Together group.

A range of activities are offered by: 

local faith groups

Norbury Mums (https://twitter.com/norburymums)

the Allotments Society

Friends of Norbury Park: fnorpark@outlook.com

Friends of Norbury Hall Park: http://norburyhallpark.org.uk

Manor Farm Reserve group

British Legion club

Norbury Bowling Club

Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club: https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/NorburyParkLTC

Cassandra Learning Centre

Norbury Park Residents Association:


Having been registered Norbury Community Land Trust is preparing ways to publicise its aims and seek members.

Norbury is divided into two electoral wards along the railway line with two Councillors each:

Norbury & Pollards Hill:


Norbury Park:


Norbury is in Croydon North Parliamentary constituency. The MP is Steve Reed


Updated 29 June 2018

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Norbury events & news at 1 December


Events at St. Philips’ Church

Police/Community Contact Sessions December 2018

06/12/2018, 15:00 – 17:00

12/12/2018, 14:00 – 16:00

18/12/2018, 13:00 – 15:00

Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344 London Road

News in brief

(LNPC – Love Norbury Planning Committee)

Co-op Community Fund £4,921.49 donation to Love Norbury.

Cancer charity shop closed due to sewage flooding.

Co-op shop design. When the Co-op withdrew its planning application for the shop signage on its proposed new store on London Rd, the Planners told LNPC that they did not know why. LNPC asked the Co-op’s planning applicant the reason. The text of an email exchange with a Planning Officer indicated that the application would not be approved. Because the officer had since left for another her colleagues did not know about this. LNPC had to tell them!!!

Changes to shop fronts. At LNPC’s request Planning Enforcement is looking at changes to shop fronts which have not had planning permission.

32-26 Fairview Rd. The buildings have now been demolished to enable start work of overdevelopment of housing scheme approved by the Council Planning Committee.

Norbury Trading Estate. The developer Goldcrest arranged for a tidy-up of the front of the site this week. Goldcrest has  informed Love Norbury that it is taking on board all the feedback received during the consultation and are making some changes to the height and number/type of homes proposed. The current intention is to submit by mid-December, but we will keep you posted on this.”

47 Craignish Ave Planning Appeal. The owner has appealed against the rejection of their planning application by the Council, supported by the Love Norbury Planning Committee (LNPC), because it represents a net loss of family housing and fails to provide a sustainable mix of dwelling sizes in line with the identified priority need, and fails to provide high quality and usable private or communal external amenity space for the residents of the proposed first and second floor flats. LNPC has written to the Appeal Inspector pointing out that the ‘appeal merely states that the applicants “disagree” that the standard of accommodation would be unsatisfactory and “believe” that the property would be ideal for conversion. The assertions that other  houses nearby have been converted, and that the property concerned is large, are not sufficient to outweigh the requirements of the current London and Croydon Plans.’ It requests that the Inspector reject the appeal.

Local Crime

Racially Agg Harassment 12 Nov 1pm LONDON ROAD
Common Assault 3.30pm LONDON ROAD
Common Assault 14 Nov 4.12pm NORBURY CRESCENT
Burglary Residential 17 Nov


Threat To Kill 18 Nov 12.45pm LONDON ROAD
Theft of Motor Vehicle 6 pm HATCH ROAD

Only one crime in week of 19 November: commercial burglary on London Rd on 21 November at 6pm.

However during the evening of on Thursday 29 November the Co-op was held up at gun point.

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TfL proposes changes to 50 and 250  through Town Centre with effect on 109

Under proposals from Transport for London some major changes are proposed which will mean some cross-town journeys will now be more complicated. These include terminating the 50 and 250 buses at West Croydon Bus Station so they no longer go into Croydon Town Centre. This will have a knock-on effect on the 109 bus which will continue into the Town Centre. For full details, analysis and how to submit your views by 13 January see:


If you decide to submit comments to the consultation please copy them to the Love Norbury Transport Committee: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com.

It has already received the following points:

With the shortening of the 50 and 250 bus routes to terminate at West Croydon Bus Station – the bottleneck already here will only get worse. Disabled and other members of the public living along this route will not be able to access the Croydon Central Library in Katherine Street or the Fairfield Halls when it re opens on 16 September next year without having to board a second bus. They will find it more difficult regarding the inter change.

While the 109 bus route is being left as it is, it will be harder to get onto as it will be the only bus along London Rd going into/from the Town Centre as the 250/50 will terminate/start at West Croydon Station. The 109 often terminates at Thornton Heath Pond on a south bound journey when it is running late

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Guns on sale in Norbury

On Thursday 29 November Air the Co-op store was held up at gun point. Down the road (air)guns are on sale at the Cash Exchange shop on London Rd. This is causing growing concern among residents, Councillors and Steve Reed,  the MP.

The local police team has been told by the police Firearms Enquiry Team ‘that Cash Exchange have satisfied all of the criteria to become a registered firearms dealer. The Firearms Enquiry Team closely monitor such dealers to ensure that the strict standards they complied to at the initial application stage are maintained.’

Ann Creighton, member of the Norbury Village RA and Love Norbury Committees, writes:

‘Our local Cash Exchange shop at 1387 London Road is now selling guns – air pistols, air rifles and other accessories.  This is legal with the proper licences obtained from the Police. As you will see from the photograph below, there is a large advertisement + when the shop is open, a rifle in the window and a large advertising board outside on the kerb.

Several residents wrote to me to say they were disturbed that guns were on open sale in Norbury and commented how inappropriate this is. Having established the legality of the shop sales, it seemed that the main action that could be taken would be to ask for the advertisements and the gun in the window to be removed.

Following these emails and discussions with others,  I went with our local councillors to talk to the shop staff to ask if they would do this.  Of course we were referred to the owner: Mario Vincini  – info@cashexchange.co.uk

Everyone will have their own views about gun selling, but if you agree that at the least, the advertisements should be removed, please will you write to the shop’s owner asking for this to be done.  Talking to people, we thought an initial ‘gentle’ approach would be the most appropriate.

If you agree with the attempts to get this change, please will you let me know.  Also, if you write and get a reply, could you let me know.  Thank you.’ ann.creighton@btinternet.com’

Example email: ‘I am a resident of Norbury and live not far from your Cash Exchange shop on London Road.  I am very concerned about your open and large advertisements for selling air rifles, air pistols and accessories have recently been posted and a boxed air rifle placed in your window..  Whilst I understand that you have all the appropriate permissions to sell these items, I would ask you to consider taking down the adverts and removing the rifle from your window.  This is because they are inappropriate in such an urban environment, especially in London where gun and knife crime is reaching epic proportions.’

Steve Reed’s letter:

Steve's letter.png



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Labour Planning Councillors ‘kick four colleagues in face’ over railway station site

At the Planning Committee on Thursday 19 November the six Labour members ‘kicked’ their four Norbury colleagues, and residents and the MP Steve Reed  ‘ in the face’ approving a block of 12 flats on the former illegal car lot site next to Norbury Railway Station which had previously been designated ‘open space’ before the new Local Plan. The Residents Associations through their Love Norbury Planning Committee has submitted plenty of planning g grounds on which to refuse the planning application. Every time such decisions are made Councillors lock themselves into the mantra of housing for the sake of it ignoring other aspects of the Plan, and make it difficult for them to defend their local areas against unwelcome and inappropriate development. Needless to say the vote was the usual 6 Labour, 4 Conservative!

Steve Reed’s objection

‘This land was previously natural woodland until it was sold by British Rail.  The trees were felled at very short notice before the land was sold, leaving residents with insufficient time to voice their objections.  Precious green space in this heavily built-up area of Norbury has been lost in order to allow its new owners to profit from selling it for development.  We cannot allow a precedent to be set that prioritiss profit over people’s need for green space, trees and protection of the natural environment in our urban neighbourhoods.

The local community has set up a Community Land Trust to demonstrate their determination to protect the site for the benefit of the local community.  There are four residents’ associations that are highly active in Norbury and attract high levels of participation by local people.  All four are objecting to this application and have the support of local elected councillors.  There is little support for the application, it sets a damaging precedent, and would negatively impact the local neighbourhood if it were to go ahead.’

I urge members of committee to reject this application.’

The decision not to keep the open land protection in the new Local Plan was a deliberate decision by the Planners despite the request at the Inspector’s hearing and afterwards for the draft Plan to be amended to protect the site,. The officers claim that it was the result of the Inspector rejecting the Council’s proposed designated list of greens spaces. This is wrong because the site was not on that list.


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Events Saturday 1 December

Norbury’s Past from Old Postcards 

Local Historian David Clark

Illustrated talk

in association with Norbury Green Resident’s Association Coffee Morning at Norbury Library                             

Saturday 1 December. 10.30 am

Norbury Library Beatrice Avenue SW16 4UW

Please book your seat in advance with the 

Library on 020 3711 1011

Poster for December 1st library talk on ‘Norbury’s Past from old Postcards’

Green Coffee



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Norbury’s Remembrance Sunday Poppies display

For Sunday’s Remembrance Day the Knitting Norbury Together group put on a display of knitted poppies and the small memorial on London Rd not far from the British Legion premises. The poppies included a black poppy representing the contribution of service personnel in the two World Wars from the West Indian and African colonies and Black Britons. After the War many of the ex-servicemen returned home, and some came back, like Alex Elden who later settled in Norbury.  Another who settled in Britain was Neil Flanigan, a veteran member of the RAF from Jamaica in World War Two. He laid a wreath to black service personnel at the Remembrance ceremony at Croydon Town Hall, going on to speak at the Remembrance event in Windrush Square at the war memorial to all service personnel with African heritage who fought in  Britain’s Wars from the 18thC.


Norbury poppies 1A.jpg



Norbury Poppies 3A

The piper went on to march and play in the Remembrance event in Croydon Town Centre.

Neil Flanigan’s involvement in the Croydon Town Centre Rememrbance ceremony can be seen at




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Love Norbury Christmas Fayre 25 November


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