Welcome to Norbury Watch

I have created this blog as a way of bringing together details of news and issues about the the Norbury area of the London Borough of Croydon, given the growing number of community and other types of organisations active in the area.

As at 27 September I represent Norbury Village Residents Association on the Love Norbury Residents Associations’ Joint Planning Committee and chair its Transport Committee. I am chair of the newly formed Norbury Community Land Trust, and am a Governor of Norbury Manor Primary School. I also research and write about aspects of Norbury’s history.

Sean Creighton: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

Over the past two years there have been many issues of concern to residents including:

  • Litter and fly-tipping
  • Street cleaning
  • conversion of offices to residential
  • conversion of large houses to small flats
  • Houses in Multiple occupation
  • Changes to buildings without planning permission
  • Design issues e.g. former Norbury Police Station building and site
  • Run down and empty shops
  • Car parking competition
  • Traffic speeds in side streets
  • The proposed BMX track despite large local opposition
  • The illegal smokng in shishas bars
  • The use of a lot for selling cars next to Norbury Station
  • The run-down of the Norbury and Norbury Hall Parks
  • Planning permissions in the Pollards Hill area which are feared will aggravate water run-off problems already affecting some properties foundations

Four Residents Associations work together through the Love Norbury Partnership which has:

  • a Love Norbury discount card scheme which gives all resident association members’ discount in over 35 local shops
  • a Joint Planning Committee
  • a Transport Committee
  • a high street and retail sub-group
  • an events sub-group
  • a green spaces sub-group
  • a community spaces sub-group
  • an environment sub-group
  • the Knitting Norbury Together project

The Associations hold their own general and public meetings and organise social events. They are:

A range of activities are offered by:  local faith groups, Norbury Mums, the Allotments Society, Friends of Norbury Park, the Manor Farm Reserve group,  British Legion club, Norbury Bowling Club,  The Norbury Lawn Tennis Club, and the Cassandra Learning Centre.

Having been registered Norbury Community Land Trust is preparing ways to publicise its aims and seek members.

The three Councillors for the area are: Sherwan Choudury, Shafi Khan, Maggie Mansell


Updated 27 September 2017

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Norbury Planning News at 20 May

Change of approach by Planning Committee

The Love Norbury Planning Committee meetings have had a lot of paper work which has taken a lot of time to prepare. In order to reduce the workload and given that it is now possible for everyone to be notified of planning applications, links will be sent directly from the Planners to the Committee members to look at. At the meetings the plans will be displayed on a screen and the drafting of comments prepared at them, rather than up to now after discussion at the meetings. Members will in future check decisions, appeals, enforcements,  directly on the Planning Register rather than through a report to the meetings. The Committee is always looking for new people to join it as representatives of their Residents Association. If you want to know more please contact sean.creighton1947@btintern.com.

Guide to Planning Register and receiving emails about applications

At the meeting with Residents Associations held earlier this year the planners promised that they would be setting up a method to enable every resident to register and receive email notifications about planning applications whether their neighbours properties, their street, their neighbourhood, ward. That guide is now available and can be downloaded here:

Public Access Register – Searching and Registering Guide

With the new ward boundaries the Planning Register was amended to put in the new ward names. This meant that applications under the old ward names could not be accessed unless the individual property name or application number was known. At the request of the Love Norbury Planning Committee the register was amended within 24 hours to put back in the old ward names as well.

If you comment on applications please tick the Planning Register box to have your views emailed back to you; and forward on for the Planning Committee at sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

New Planning Applications

Craignish Norbury Trading Estate  (18/02258/PAD). Demolition of Units 3 and 4 April 2019


This link does not work and the application does not show up on the planning register. This has been drawn to the attention of the Planners.

92 Dalmeny Avenue (18/02359/GPDO)

Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres. Only adjoining neighbours, side and back can comment.

224 Green Lane (17/04916/HSE)

Extension of existing vehicle crossover


1393 London Road (18/01685/FUL)

Side extension, loft conversion and internal alterations to convert existing D1 English School office unit into 9 flats.


Planning Approvals

(other than Lawful Development Certificates)

1264 – 1266 London Road (18/00337/ADV). Erection of externally illuminated wall mounted signs and non-illuminated fascia sign, and erection and replacement of freestanding internally illuminated signs

73 Norton Gdns (18/01756/NMA). Minor change to design re-demolition of an existing single storey rear extension and erection of single storey rear extension (amendment to planning permission 17/03452/HSE).

Planning Committee Comments on Applications

158 Green Lane

Although it states it is for 158 Green Lane, Norbury, the maps show are for the area containing 21A Green Lane, Woodcote/Purley. (See FRA Figure 1 Environment Agency Flood Zone Map, Figure 2 Environment Agency Surface Flooding Map, Appendix C Critical Drainage Area Maps, Appendix D Risk of Flooding from Surface Water, Appendix E Surface Geology Area Map and Appendix E Surface Geology Area Map). The first line of Conclusions (page 8) gives the development site as 21A Green Lane. So either the assessment has been done for the wrong Green Lane address, or two separate assessments have been carried out and the report has mixed them together somehow. In any event, it doesn’t look as if the report is for 158 Green Lane SW16. Clarification is needed from the applicants about this. If the text is for 21A Green Lane then they need to submit the proper report for 158 Green Lane. If the text is for 158 Green Lane then they need to re-submit the report with the correct maps contained in it.

This serious mistake should invalidate the application and it be withdrawn, and the applicant should re-submit the correct documentation.

The Committee assumes that the approach taken on the flood risk assessment at 158 should be similar to that for 212 Green Lane. Given the close proximity of these two properties the Committee suggests that Development Control examines both flood risk assessments together and constructs Conditions that mean that the same approach is taken to reduce flood risk in all its forms. There should also be a condition for a water butt.

40 Hillcote Ave – proposed extension

The Planning Committee has commented: Given that the side wall of the property is not overlooking other houses, the amenity of the residents might be improved by the addition of extra windows.

1460 London Road – proposed India sweet shop

The Planning Committee has submitted the following comment:

While there is no indication of equipment to cook to make sweets on the premises, in view of the Patricia Cafe’s situation (1579 London Road; 17/05685/CONR), there should be a condition that no cooking can take place on the premises. There appears to be a lack of information about bin storage detail.

80 Newlands Rd

The Committee has objected to this conversion to a one and three bed house.

The Committee is concerned that it is not clear how many people are expected to be living in these two flats. The Design and Access statement suggests Flat 1 will be for two people sharing the single bedroom.

However Flat 1 has a playroom, This suggests the possibility of a child living in the flat. As this is only a one bedroom flat this would mean the bedroom would be shared by a lone parent and child, which is not satisfactory. Would the parent be tempted to use the playroom as a bedroom for the child?

As a three bedroom flat this could house 6 people. However, it also has a study on the 2nd floor. This could also be turned into a bedroom by the occupants, adding to the number of people living in the flat. There is a danger that this flat could be let on a multi-occupancy basis rather than used by a family. The Committee suggests:

(1) that clarification be sought on the number of anticipated residents in each flat

(2) that Conditions be placed to prevent the use of the playroom and study as bedrooms

(3) that Conditions specify the maximum number of people who can be accommodated e.g. as was the case with 14 and 150 Nor bury Crescent.

It appears that the proposed storage of bicycles and bins at the front of the property is for use by the residents of Flat 1, while the residents of Flat 2 will have to take their bins and cycles through the house. It should be possible to consider having all the storage at the front for both Flats, and increase the amenity area for Flat 1 at the rear. The bin storage areas will need to be in conformity with the proposed changes to the recycling bin provision.

The Committee is concerned that the greater the number of people living in the two flats will aggravate the existing problems of competition for car parking. Para 5.2. of the Design and Access Statement states: ‘Parking is not considered to be an issue as the proposal is not making provision for parking for this one bedroom flat as the site is well served by public transport facilities short walking distances from the proposal site reducing the dependence on the car.’ This statement ignores the fact that the occupants of the one bedroom flat cannot be prevented from having a car, and that if the three bedroom flat becomes multi-occupied there could be more than one car owned by the future residents. The side streets along London Rd are becoming increasingly difficult in relation to competition for car parking spaces. While on paper the public transport seems more than adequate, in fact the 109 bus route is becoming more and more crowded, and the railway service at Norbury Station is not only unreliable but also congested at peak times. The increased number of planning approvals and number of residents plus the use of family housing for multi-occupied renting means that there are more and more people trying to balance car ownership/public transport use. Unless restrictions are placed on the maximum number of people which can live in the two Flats this application lays the basis for being overdevelopment in relation to the property, the street and the pressure of transport services, and therefore contribute to a lowering of the amenity of other residents.

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Norbury events & news at 20 May

Today Sunday 20 May. Start of new train timetables

There are complex changes effecting the number of trains to and from Victoria, London Bridge and Milton Keynes, to East/West Croydon, Epsom/Epsom/Downs and Caterham. These timetable booklets are available: No. 36: East Croydon and Clapham Junction to Watford Jn and Milton Keynes Central, and No. 39: Selhurst and Balham to London. The latter details the services to and from Victoria & London Bridge to West Croydon & Sutton and to East Croydon & Caterham.

The Love Norbury Transport Committee will be monitoring the effect of the new timetable and the reliability of the service. If you experience problems please let it know by emailing sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

Monday 21 May. 2-4pm. Have a say day with the local police

Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344 London Road

Saturday 26 May 26. 11am-2pm. Biggin Wood Clean Up

Come and join The Friends of Biggin Wood are meeting at South Gate on Covington Way. Croydon Council support the event each year by providing a rubbish collection and tools. Members of the London Wildlife Trust group have been invited to come along. (See also below)

Saturday 2 June. 10am-noon. Norbury Coffee Morning

NGRA Coffe

Organised by Norbury Green Residents Association Community

Norbury Library, Beatrice Avenue. Free coffee/tea/hot chocolate, biscuit and a natter……

Norbury & Pollards Hill Councillors Maggie Mansell and Shafi Khan hold  their advice surgery at 11am.

Saturday 2 June, Norbury Clean Up Day

Details will be available soon.

Sunday 3 June. Noon-4pm.  Norbury by the Sea

Love Norbury Summer Festival Fun Day

Norbury by the Sea

St. Helen’s Rd Triangle.

Lots of free seaside related activities and entertainment, live music, a range of stalls and more.


Saturday 9 June. 7.30pm. Quiz & Curry Night

Vegetarians catered for

St Philips Church, Beatrice Rd

Saturday 23 June. 2.30pm. Images of Norbury from the 20th Century

David Clark - Images of Norbury Poster


This is fast being booked up, so to check whether there is still room for more people please ring the Library at 020 3700 1011.

What do you actually like about Norbury?

There are lots of moans and groans about the litter, the fly-tipping, the car parking, the dominance of certain types of shops, etc.

It is understandable why residents who have lived here for many years complain about what they see as the decline of Norbury. But there are many people who have moved here in the last 4/5 years. Apart from the lower house prices and rents compared with Inner London, what attracted them to come here? The reasons may be that it is full of parks and green spaces, lots of trees, is close to public transport (even if Southern Railway and Thameslink cannot run an efficient service). So what do you like about Norbury? Please send me your views for posting on Norbury Watch to sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

News in Brief

Norbury Hall Park. The gardening group weeded the  flower borders in middle of park on the weekend of 12/13 May. The azaleas were looking lovely.

Norbury Park. The concrete bases for the Friends of Norbury Park benches around the old cattle trough are being laid.

Glimpses of Goa. Norbury resident Iggy gave an illustrated talk about Goa for Croydon Camera Club at  Shirley Methodist Hall on 16 May. The Club’s Annual Exhibition is open until 29 May (not Sundays) at Clocktower Café Gallery, at the Croydon Town Hall.


Friends of Biggin Wood

The creation of Norbury Park Ward has brought into the area another important green area: Biggin Wood. The Friends were set up last year and have already made a big impact working with the Council and Wildlife Trust to improve it. ‘Steps’ have been made to improve accessability. Its website contains short history of the Wood as part of the extensive Great North Wood.


The Woodland Trust features the Wood at


The London Wildlife Trust  discusses the Wood at


Car parking, speeding and 20mph

These issues have been discussed at recent Residents Associations Annual General Meetings, and the Love Norbury Transport Committee. The Committee has prepared advice for actions that can be organised by Residents Associations Committees, such as speed monitoring, surveys of siting of 20mph signs, locations for traffic calming measures, etc. The Committees will need the active support of their members to undertake this work.

Norbury Photographs

David Clark draws our attention to the Norbury Photographs Facebook which contains many historic photos of the area, as well as reminiscences, mainly by people who used to live in the area.


Crime Statistics 10 – 15 May Norbury & Pollards Hill Ward

Theft from Motor Vehicle 10 May Ederline Avenue
Theft of cycle 11 May London Road
Theft of  Motor Vehicle 12 May St Oswald’s Road
Robbery Person 13May Ryecroft Road
Theft from Motor Vehicle 14 May Norbury Crescent
Theft from Motor Vehicle Newlands Road
Possession of Cannabis 15 May Melrose Avenue

Norbury had  54 moped crimes in five years



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Norbury by the Sea 3 June


Can you spare a few hours on the 3rd June to help set up the morning of the event, packup after the event, help with various activities during the event and steward during the event to ensure the event runs safely and smoothly?

If you can help then please email Anita on contact@norburygreen.co.uk stating the times you are available on this day.


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Norbury Planning Refusals & Enforcement

Two planning applications have been refused by the Council on 48 Hatch Rd and Patricia’s Cafe because of adverse effects on neighbours.

These two refusals are a reminder

of the importance of applicants consulting

neighbours before they submit their


 Planning Refusal – 48 Hatch Road (17/06346/HSE)

Erection of single storey rear extension with roof terrace over.

Reason: ‘The proposed terrace would be detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of adjoining properties by reason of its siting resulting in undue overlooking, loss of privacy and visual intrusion and would thereby conflict with Policy DM10 of the Croydon Local Plan 2018, 7.6 of the London Plan (consolidated with alterations since 2011) and Supplementary Planning Document No. 2: ‘Residential Extensions and Alterations’ (SPD2)’

Planning Refusal – 1579 London Road (17/05685/CONR) – Patricia’s Cafe

Erection of ducting flue at rear; Continued use as cafe (without compliance with condition 2 – no food shall be cooked on the premises other than for warming or heating up purposes – attached to planning permission 16/00495/P) (Corrected Description) |

Reason: The size and siting of the external ducting would be detrimental to the amenities of adjacent residential occupiers within the building through visual intrusion, loss of outlook, and noise and air pollution.

The size and siting of the external ducting would be detrimental to the amenities of adjacent residential occupiers within the building through visual intrusion, loss of outlook, and noise and air pollution.

Love Norbury Planning Committee supported neighbours objection to this application.

Enforcement – 81 Norbury Hill (14/00591/C)

Land situated outside of building known as 81 Norbury Hill

The Breach of Planning Control Alleged: Without planning permission, the erection of a first floor rear extension and dormer extension in rear roof slope.

An  Enforcement Notice has been served on the following grounds:

(1) It appears to the Council that the above mentioned breach of planning control has occurred within the last four years.

(2) The development is detrimental to the character of the local area. It is therefore in conflict with Policy SP4 Urban Design and Local Character, DM10 – Design and Character of the Croydon Local Plan adopted on 27th February 2018, and Policies 7.4 and 7.6 of the London Plan (consolidated with amendments since 2011), as well as guidance in both the Framework and the SPD, in that they compromise the integrity of the original roof, do not respect the height and proportions of surrounding buildings, do not respect local character and are not of a high quality design as a result.

Required to be done:

1) Remove the first floor rear extension and dormer extension in rear roof slope bordered in red on the attached diagram and edited photograph

2) Reinstate the rear elevation and roof of the dwelling to how it existed prior to the breach of planning control taking place.


3) Complete the development as identified on the approved plans and documents which form part of planning application no. 17/02997/HSE.

4) Remove all the resultant debris from the premises as a result of compliance with requirements 1 & 2 or 3 as identified above.

Time for compliance: 6 months

This is a reminder that property owners should

check whether they need planning permission.

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Norbury Planning Applications & Decisions at 13 May

SWee next story for planning refusals and enforcement action.

Planning Applications

If you have any questions about or submit comments on planning applications please inform the Love Norbury Planning Committee: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

  • Open to public comment

224 Green Lane (17/04916/HSE). Extension of existing vehicle crossover


1393 London Road (18/01685/FUL). Side extension, loft conversion and internal alterations to convert existing D1 English School office unit into 9 flats.


17 Pollards Hill East (18/01621/HSE) – demolition and erection of a single/two storey outbuilding for use as home office/guest house


  • Open for comment by adjoining neighbours 

92 Dalmeny Avenue  (18/02359/GPDO). Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres

  • Not open to public comment

28 Granden Road (18/01885/LP) for Internal alterations

  • Non-material amendment – modifications claimed to have no substantial effect on existing planning approval

73 Norton Gdns (18/01756/NMA)

Non-material amendment – modifications claimed to have no substantial effect on existing planning approval

Demolition of an existing single storey rear extension and erection of single storey rear extension (amendment to planning permission 17/03452/HSE)

Planning Decisions

  • Full

53 Christian Fields (18/00568/HSE )

Construction of part single, part two-storey side extension, first floor side extension, internal alterations and front porch. 

Condition: ‘The proposed development shall be carried out in line with the Flood Risk Report ref dated 15th February 2018 (which include the disposal of surface water by means of sustainable methods). The development shall only be implemented in accordance with such approved details.’ Np water butt condition.

42 Northborough Road (18/00713/HSE). Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and erection of single storey rear extension. Water butt condition.

92 Pollards Hill North (18/01082/HSE). Erection of two storey side/rear extension. Water butt condition

2 Tylecroft Road (18/00643/HSE). Erection of a rear/side infill extension.Condition:  ‘Prior to commencement of development, details of the location of the proposed guttering and rain water down pipes (and any other pipes) shall be submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority. The guttering and down pipes shall be installed in accordance with the approved drawings prior to occupation of the development. At least one water butt of 100 litre volume shall be installed on a downpipe attached to the roof of the development prior to occupation (and located within the rear garden) and shall be retained and maintained for so long as the development remains in existence. Reason: To ensure that the principles of sustainable drainage are incorporated into the development and to reduce the impact of flooding’.

  • Trees – no objection

28 Arnulls Road (18/01868/CAT). Reduce and shape silver birch tree in back garden.

  • GPDOs 

170 Norbury Court Road (18/01477/GPDO)

32 Norbury Close (18/01522/GPDO. Extension

  • LDCs

28 Granden Road  (18/01885/LP). Internal alterations and erection of single storey rear extension

32 Norbury Close (18/01359/LP). Dormer.

267 Norbury Avenue (18/00873/LP)  extension, dormer.

  • Non-material amendment

6 Hollies Close (18/01489/NMA).

Planning Register

To view any of the above on the Planning Register go to and type in the street name or reference number



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Norbury events & news at 13 May

Love Norbury Transport Committee Thursday 14 May

The Committee is meeting on 14 May. It will be discussing 20mph zone speeding problems and street parking surveys, as well as considering up-dates on Railway Station issues. If you would like to get involved please contact Sean Creighton: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

Councillors for Norbury & Pollards Hill Ward

Maggie Mansell. Tel: 020 8679 3733. maggie.mansell@croydon.gov.uk

Shafi Khan. 020 8405 6753 & 07912 786 288.  shafi.khan@croydon.gov.uk

Regular surgery first Saturday of the month from 11am – noon at Norbury Library, Beatrice Avenue

Wednesday 16 May. Noon – 2pm. Police Team  ASB surgery

Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344  Road

Monday  21 May. 2-4pm. Police team Have a say Day

Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344  Road


Steve Reed MP at Cassandra Learning Centre 2015. From Local Guardian

Cassandra Learning Centre receives Mayoral £28,417 for anti-knife crime activity

It will provide one-to-one counselling and group sessions to 100 perpetrators of knife crime from Croydon, Lambeth & Southwark.


Its people who fly-tip and leave litter in our streets including those who come into our area, parking and buy fast food on London Rd and leave the debris in the gutters instead of taking it home.

If you see fly-tipped items, please report them to


Call the environmental team on 020 8726 6200 (option 2 for fly-tipping)

Download the free My Croydon smartphone app (available from the Google Play store for Android smartphones or Apple iTunes store for iPhones

Use of dedicated fly-tip hotline number 020 8604 7000

Report it via My Account – Registering for My Account will allow you to see all of your reporting information, and dealings with the Council in one place 

Crime Statistics 2-9 May

 Theft from Motor Vehicle 2 May KINTYRE CLOSE
Burglary Residential   NORBURY AVENUE
Theft from Motor Vehicle   KILMARTIN AVENUE
Theft of Motor Vehicle   NORBURY CRESCENT
Robbery Person 3 May NORBURY AVENUE
Robbery Person 4 May NORBURY AVENUE
Theft of Motor Vehicle   MELROSE AVENUE
Theft of Motor Vehicle    LONDON ROAD
Criminal Damage Vehicle 5 May HATCH ROAD
Theft from Motor Vehicle   SEMLEY ROAD
Theft Dwelling   BBECH ROAD
Criminal Damage U500    LONDON ROAD
Criminal Damage U500    LONDON ROAD
Robbery Person 7 May CHRISTIAN FIELDS
Theft Person    LONDON ROAD
Att Burglary Residential 9 May NORTON GARDENS

Local Police Team

020 8721 2477. Norbury.snt@met.police.uk




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Norbury Election Results

Labour remains in control of Croydon Council following yesterday’s local elections. It now has 41 Councillors to the Conservatives 29. Addiscombe East Ward is split between both parties. The political map of Croydon is now:

Croydone election maps

The former Norbury Councillors Shafi Khan and Maggie Mansell were elected as Councillors for the new Norbury & Pollards Hill Ward, and Sherwan Choudhury for the new Norbury Park Ward. The second Councillor for the latter ward is Alisa Flemming who was previously Councillor for Upper Norwood ward. The results are set out below.

Norbury & Pollards Hill

Norbury Park

The images are from the Council’s website.

Conservative Norbury Park Candidate Reprimanded by Church Leaders

On election day the Croydon web news site Inside Croydon reported that Ola Kolade, who was standing as a Conservative candidate in Norbury Park Ward, had been reprimanded by Church leaders over a leaflet he had circulated.


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