Norbury Clean Up Day 17 June

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This clean up day is in preparation for the Love Norbury in Bloom Summer Festival being held the next day.

Do come along and help clean up Norbury and St Helen’s Road Triangle to ensure we have a clean and tidy area for our community event the next day.

Equipment provided. Tea and coffee available for volunteers.

Stay for as little or as long as you can.

Meet at outside Norbury Pub

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Please support community initiatives on our parks and green spaces – 26 May

Friends of Norbury Park – 10am

If you have the time this Saturday, Friends of Norbury Park would welcome you to come along to the park at about 10am and meet some of its Committee members where they’ll be tidying up the Grade 2 listed Victorian reproduction ‘medieval’ water trough and let them know what other improvements you’d like for the park.

Manor Farm Nature Space – noon to 4pm


Unfortunately I will not be able to go as I am leading a history walk in the area of Battersea’s St Mary’s Church, the High St and the Square as part of Wandsworth Heritage Festival.

Note: Norbury Watch has been quiet re-postings as I have been heavily involved in all but one of the sessions of the Croydon Local Plan Public Hearing on behalf of the Love Norbury Joint Planning Committee and Croydon Trades Union Council.


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Norbury Police Station Plans Receive Planning Approval

After several months of uncertainty since the Planners originally recommended approval the formal decision notice has been served on the developer granting planning permission. A number of conditions have to be met

Conditions to be met prior to start of works

The developer is being required to provide details of:

  • hard and soft landscape works
  • the windows and doors
  • materials
  • how the locally listed building will be restored and made good
  • cycle and refuse storage and security lighting

and provide

  • a Construction Method Statement/Logistics Plan’ for all phases of the development, covering hours of construction, hours of deliveries, parking of vehicles associated with deliveries, site personnel, operatives and visitors, facilities for the loading and unloading of plant and materials, details of the storage facilities for any plant and materials, the siting of any site huts and other temporary structures, including site hoardings, details of the proposed security arrangements for the site, details of the precautions to guard against the deposit of mud and substances on the public highway, and details of dust control methods and noise mitigation measures.
  • formal Flood Risk and Sustainable Drainage Assessments
  • a report of historical uses of the site to provide an assessment into the possibility of soil contamination.

The developer may demolish the ancillary buildings to the main former Police Station building but not start construction works until the implementation of programmes of archaeological evaluation and mitigation have been secured.

Conditions to be met before occupation of completed homes

The developer will have to provide details of:

  • insulation to all flats shall be provided to ensure noise levels shall not exceed the Guidelines for Community Noise (World Health Organisation, 1999).
  • carbon dioxide emissions reductions to achieve a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 35% over the Target Emission Rate (
  • a Delivery and Servicing Plan (DSP)

Other Conditions

Finally the developer must ensure that:

  • 10% of the dwellings shall be designed for wheelchair users and be retained as such for so long as the development remains in existence.
  • the noise level from any air handling units, mechanical plant, or other fixed external machinery will not increase the background noise level
  • the units are designed and built so water consumption will meet a target of 110 litres or less per head per day.
  • the ground floor premises at the front of the converted building are only used between 8am and 6pm.

What happens next?

The developer will have:

  • to submit the proofs of compliance with these conditions, and these will be subject to public consultation.
  • make Community Infrastructure Levy payments to the Council and the Mayor of London.

No mention is made of what agreement has been reached with regard to a requirement to provide affordable housing.

To see the full documentation relating to the application go to:


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Norbury Planning News at 15 May

Croydon Local Plan (Partial Revision) Public Hearing

The hearing into the Council’s proposed changes to the Local Plan starts on Tuesday 16 May. Sean Creighton will be representing the Joint Planning Committee top try and discuss matters it commented on in the consultation in the autumn of 2015 which were not accepted by the Council.

For further details about the Hearing see:

New applications

If you have any comments on any of these applications and post them on the Council’s planning register, please tick the box to ensure you get email confirmation. It would help if you would then forward that confirmation for the attention of the Joint Planning Committee to:

15 Melrose Avenue (17/02318/GPDO). Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 3.3 metres with a maximum height of 3.7 metres.

68 Melrose Avenue (17/01842/FUL). Alterations and conversion to form 1 two bedroom and 2 studio flats.

See also below.

2 Somerset Gardens (17/01948/FUL). Erection of conservatory

268 Woodmansterne Road (17/01475/FUL). Construction of  first floor  to provide a one bedroom flat.

The above were discussed by the Joint Planning Committee on Monday 10 May. Since then the following new applications have been lodged.

1 The Norbury Trading Estate, Craignish Ave (17/02394/LP). Use for the repair of motor vehicles and MOTs Please use the link below to view the case details.

7 The Norbury Trading Estate,  Craignish Ave (17/00871/FUL). Continued use as a  place of worship.

20 Hillcote Avenue (17/02322/LP). Erection of dormer extension in rear roof slope and rooflights at front. Approved by end of the same week it was submitted. This is a technical matter involving the issue of a Lawful Development Certificate to provide proof that the proposal is within permitted development.

1330 London Rd (17/02289/FUL). Construction of third floor to provide an additional three bedroom flat.

15 Melrose Avenue (17/02309/FUL). Demolition of existing garage : erection of 3 storey building comprising 1 one bedroom flat and 1 three bedroom flats.

15 Melrose Avenue (17/02309/FUL). Demolition of existing garage : erection of 3 storey building comprising 1 one bedroom flat and 1 three bedroom flats.

Land And Building R/O 6 Tylecroft Road, Fronting Sherlock Close (17/02083/LE). Use of building for purposes within class B8 (storage and distribution)

Recent Planning Decisions

 75 Christian Fields (17/01149/FUL). Erection of raised decking at rear and single storey detached building. Approved with condition that the out-building shall only be used for purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house as such and for no other purpose. Reason: To protect the amenity of adjoining occupiers and the character of the surrounding area.

 28 Gibson’s Hill  (17/01199/LP). Erection of dormer extension in side roof slope. Certificate granted.

 1150 London Rd Vehicle Repair Workshop And Premises R/O (17/01440/FUL)Alterations to existing building and use for the repair of motor vehicles and for MOT station. Approved with the following conditions:

(a)    The application premises shall not be used except: between 0900 hours and 1800 hours on Mondays to Fridays; between 0900 hours and 1700 hours Saturdays; and between 1100 hours and 1500 hours on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Reason: To protect the amenities of adjoining occupiers.

(b)   The doors that serve the MOT bay and the workshop shall remain closed while MOT testing and works on vehicles are taking place. Reason: To protect the amenities of adjoining occupiers

(c)    No major repairs, panel beating or cellulose spraying shall be carried out to vehicles in the building or on land adjoining the proposed building within the site boundaries. Reason: To protect the amenities of adjoining occupiers.

(d)   No musical instrument or amplified music shall be played.

Reason: To protect the amenities of adjoining occupiers.

1466 London Road (17/01431/CONR). Use of part of ground floor for purposes within class A5 (hot food take away) (without compliance with condition 2 – carried out in accordance with approved plans – attached to planning permission 17/00166/conr).

Decision: ‘The A5 (take away) use shall not be open to the general public except between 1200 hours and 0100 hours”. Reason: To protect the amenities of adjoining residential occupiers’.

Norbury Police Station, 1516 London Road (16/02158/P). Alterations and refurbishment of the existing police station to provide 188m2 D1/D2 floorspace on the ground floor and 8 one bedroom flats on first and second floors; erection of three/four storey building at rear comprising 8 three bedroom, 5 two bedroom and 1 one bedroom flats; provision of associated landscaping, cycle parking, refuse storage and ancillary works.

See next blog posting for details of conditions.

8-10 The Mews,  Norbury Crescent – Antic Pub. (17/01941/DISC; 17/01943/DISC; 17/01767/DISC) Discharges of Conditions 10. 12 & 15. Approved.

14 Norbury Crescent (17/00896/FUL). Use as house in multiple occupation with 9 rooms involving the erection of single storey rear extension.

Refused. ‘The proposed use would constitute an over-intensification of the site, evidenced by layout, number of rooms and likely number of occupants as evidenced by the number of bed spaces shown on the plans, would have an adverse impact on neighbouring amenity due to increased activity and general noise and disturbance and the lack of an acceptable refuse storage arrangement’.

182 Norbury Crescent (17/01533/LP). Erection of dormer extension to rear and rooflights to front slope. Certificate granted.

25 Pollards Wood Road (17/01748/GPDO). Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 4 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres. Accepted as valid.

31 Ryecroft Rd (17/01175/CAT). T1, Willow: Heavy pollard to approx 1.5M above crown break. No objection.

Joint Planning Committee views

 The Love Norbury Joint Planning Committee met on Monday 10 May, and decided to make comments on the following applications.

1581 London Rd:  oppose on the grounds that the front dormer window ruins the roofline, and the design of the 3 at the back is a mess.

68 Melrose Ave (see above): oppose the conversion of this family size property.

37 Norbury Close: oppose the design of the dormer.

8-10 The Mews, Norbury Crescent – Antic Pub: oppose the discharge of condition (No. 11) on deliveries as the application does not  specify the hours in which deliveries and empty bottle  collection will be made, raising concerns about the potential noise problems early in the morning as is being experienced with Moon on the Water. Most recently 4.45am.

84 Northborough Rd:  oppose the re-design following rejection of a previous application as it is not an improvement.

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Norbury News at 15 May


The Norbury Edge re-branding as Spirit night-club

20mph Zones approved

The remaining 20mph zones were approved by the Transport Advisory Committee, including the one covering the NGRA, NVRA and PHRA areas. The Conservative Councillors have referred the decision to the Scrutiny Committee in order to try and hold up implementation while evaluations are undertaken on what effects the existing zones including the one covering the SERA and NATHRA areas. Residents in other parts of the Borough are concerned about the lack of enforcement, the pressure put on drivers moving at 20mph from impatient drivers behind them, and the fact that other calming traffic measures may still be needed. The date for the meeting has yet to be agreed.

A local resident posted concern about the status of Green Lane on Friends of Norbury facebook: ‘Looking at the map of the new 20 mph limit being introduced I’m confused as to whether Green Lane is included or not. From the map with the red line it appears to be exempt but not listed on the list……’

I asked the Councillors for clarification. Cabinet Member for Transport Stuart King explains:

‘Green Lane was retained as 30mph when the new zone was introduced into Area 1 in September last year.

There may be some confusion as there is a small stretch of Green Lane that is in Lambeth, which also introduced 20mph limits into their borough recently. They opted to include main and distributor roads within the 20mph zones, which explains why the Lambeth portion of Green Lane is 20mph.  This was covered in the Advertiser at the time (see link).

Graffiti on Railway Line

Local resident David Clark who looks after the planting area at the Station by the pedestrian crossing and up the alley to the Station, and runs the bookcases for the Cancer shop, has raised the issue of graffiti along the railway line. He has received this reply from Stephen Norris, Area Station Manager, London Bridge and Metro, Govia Thameslink Railway Limited

‘I am responsible for the removal of graffiti from the areas on station premises under GTR lease. Some areas around stations are controlled by Network Rail. The images show areas that we have asked Network Rail to address. I will again chase the action on these items and inform Network Rail that we are receiving complaints.’

Railway Car Lot

Given continuing problems with the condition of the former car lot on Norbury Ave at the Railway Station, a local resident asked Councillor Maggie Mansell to ask the planners to consider whether to take enforcement action. Stephen Whitfield (Planning Enforcement Officer -Enforcement & Trees Team) has replied:

‘I still have an open planning enforcement investigation concerning the use of the  land for parking vehicles, even though this use appears to have now ceased. I am aware of the issue of the insecure gates. The owner has had new gates manufactured (to match the railings) but he has not installed them as he is fearful of enforcement action. I have advised him to submit a planning application to install the new gates. Obviously this will then be considered, and if successful would hopefully resolve the issue of the security of the site entrance, but not necessarily prevent rubbish being dumped over the fence. I have discussed this matter with him and advised him of his responsibilities re the tidiness of the land.’

Large lorries in side streets

Recently a very large Tesco store delivery lorry went down Oakhill Rd from Croindene. I asked Councillor Stuart King, Cabinet member for Transport, whether there is anything that can be done to prevent this unnecessary cut through by very large vehicles. This is his reply:

This is a difficult area. There is no limit (other than the national limit) on the size of vehicle that can use the highway.  Provided that the vehicle is taxed and insured it is permitted to use all of the roads that form the highway.

A local authority can introduce weight limits on roads where such a limit is required, usually for structural reasons.  However, we are required to maintain access to properties by any vehicle that may have reason to service a property, so these limits can be difficult to introduce and almost impossible to enforce.  We can also introduce measures to physically restrict access, provided that good alternative routes are available, but this would also restrict legitimate access and every property will need to have access by large vehicles for household deliveries, their refuse collection, and emergency attendance by a fire engine.

This is not therefore an easy problem to solve.  In some circumstances it may be that a controlled parking scheme would help to rationalise on–street parking or the introduction of a one-way street may help to allow these vehicles to use the road occasionally without causing congestion problems.  However, in my experience, such measures are usually only supported by local residents where there is a persistent problems rather than occasional issues.


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Crime in Norbury as at 15 May

Be alert re-moped riders

On Sunday two residents observed two young thugs on mopeds stashing away some jewellery and disposing of a handbag and scarf.

‘We called the police and they came and seized the objects and received from us the photos we have taken.

Apparently these two …..mounted the pavement on their bikes, cornered a lady of Indian descent, tore her traditional wedding necklace of her neck and with a knife cut the strap of her handbag.

Spread the word that this is how they operate.

Previously thugs have snatched money from a woman’s hand just as she was pulling it from the Natwest ATM and another man on a motorbike was being rammed and intimidated by three guys on two bikes – they wanted his motorcycle but he saved himself by riding onto the forecourt of a garage.

Recent Crime Figures

ABH (1),  arson, burglary dwelling (3), Burglary non-dwelling (1), common assault (1), courier fraud (1), crime related incident (4), other theft (3), racial incident (1), robbery commercial (1), robbery from person (2), theft from motor vehicle (3), vehicle interference (1)

Note: Unlike previous listings for the police team this list covers incidents in March, April and early May.

Arson attack

Norbury brothers gaoled for possessing guns

Police Visit to Norbury Manor Primary

PC Norry writes ‘The team have conducted a school visit to Norbury Manor Primary this week, we spoke to two classes surrounding the work that police officers do and the equipment that we use and carry.  There was also the opportunity to have a look at a police car, which inevitably was well received.  Our apologies to the residents of Abingdon Road for our sirens!  We look forward to carrying out more visits with the schools in the future.  Likewise if there are any youth groups or associations that would like a talk or visit then please let us know.’

I attended these classes in my capacity as a School Governor and the officers used me to show the children how the handcuffs work  and prevent suspects from retaliating.

Parking issues 

PC writes ‘Whilst at Norbury Manor we conducted a patrol of the surrounding roads in response to further complaints raised about parking at peak times.  We located several drivers who were dangerously parked and they were dealt with accordingly by us.  Once again we remind visitors to the schools in Norbury to please park respectfully and carefully, poor parking endangers children and pedestrians.

Street drinking

PC writes: We have also attended a meeting with the local authority recently to discuss matters in Norbury surrounding street drinking.  A number of ideas were discussed and we are working hard to meet the requests of the council.  We will update in due course should there be any further news on this.’


PC writes ‘ Weapons sweeps have also been conducted at various locations on the ward, this is in relation to an ongoing operation across the Met.  We are happy to report that no weapons have been located by us or other teams who have visited the ward, these sweeps will continue in the coming weeks to ensure that we are taking as many weapons off the streets as possible.’


PC writes. ‘Finally, the team are aware of travellers having moved into Nuffield Health on London Road.  Officers have attended the location and have spoken with staff and the party involved.  This matter is being progressed expeditiously by the land owner to ensure they are moved on.’

PC 852 Tom Norry

Norbury Team

020 8721 2477

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Love Norbury In Bloom Summer Festival 18 June

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