Norbury Flood Alleviation event 16 February

Norbury flood-alleviation scheme drop-in event

Friday 16 February. Noon to 7pm.

Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club, r/o 55 Ederline Avenue

Residents of Norbury and Thornton Heath are being invited to a special drop-in event at which they will be able to learn more about plans to reduce the threat of flooding along the course of Norbury Brook.

Organised by the Environment Agency, which has identified some 800 commercial and residential properties at risk in an area that has previously been subject to significant flooding.

Three options are being considered.

  • The construction of a storage area for flood waters in Norbury Park, combined with the restoration of a stretch of the River Graveney.
  • The construction of a flood storage area in Thornton Heath Recreation Ground.
  • The construction of combined flood storage areas at Norbury Park and Thornton Heath Recreation Ground.

Norbury Brook becomes the River Graveney west of London Road, before it joins the Wandle and flows on to the Thames.

Removing the brook’s concrete culverts in Norbury Park, and restoring its natural channel, could see improvements in water quality as well as the creation of wetland habitats for local wildlife. The Environment Agency will also explore the environmental benefits of the other options.

The chosen scheme would be delivered by the Environment Agency in partnership with Croydon Council, which has identified Norbury Park as one of six earmarked for potential regeneration. The Environment Agency is also working with Thames Water to promote sustainable drainage schemes to reduce the amount of surface water run-off, which can lead to flooding.

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “This is an important project that offers local traders and residents living close to Norbury Brook reassurance that everything’s being done to safeguard them against possible flooding.

“I’d urge as many people as possible to attend the drop-in event at the tennis club, so that they’re aware of the options and have the chance to ask any questions they may have.”

For more information about the flood-alleviation scheme, email pso.selondon&


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How to protect your vehicle

The Norbury crime statistics for the period 9 to 24 January show a high instance of theft of and from motor vehicles. As a result the local Safer Neighbourhood Team has issued advice.

Crime Statistics 9-24 January

Criminal Damage Veh 9 Jan HERMITAGE LANE
Theft from Motor Vehicle (2) NORBURY CRESCENT
Theft from Motor Vehicle STANFORD ROAD
Burglary Residential 10 Jan THE CHASE
Theft from Motor Vehicle 11 Jan NORBURY CRESCENT
Burglary Residential (2) STANFORD ROAD
Common Assault 12 Jan TYLECROFT ROAD
Theft from Motor Vehicle JERVISTON GARDENS
Theft of Motor Vehicle 13 Jan NEWLANDS ROAD
Robbery Person GIBSONS HILL
Theft from Motor Vehicle KILMARTIN AVENUE
Burglary Business 14 Jan LONDON ROAD
Harassment GREEN LANE
 Theft from Motor Vehicle 16 jan ISHAM ROAD
Vehicle Interference CHRISTIAN FIELDS
Theft from Motor Vehicle GREEN LANE
Theft from Motor Vehicle CHRISTIAN FIELDS,
Vehicle Interference GREEN LANE,
Vehicle Interference CROFT ROAD
Vehicle Interference 17 Jan BRIAR AVE
Vehicle Interference   GREEN LANE
Theft from Motor Vehicle   NORBURY CLOSE
Criminal Damage   GIBSONS HILL
Other Theft   LONDON ROAD
Common Assault   BRIAR ROAD
Other Theft 18 Jan NORTON GARDENS
Theft Dwelling 20 Jan STANFORD ROAD
Theft Person 22 Jan GREEN LANE
Common Assault 23 Jan NORBURY AVENUE
Robbery Person   NORBURY AVENUE,
Theft from Motor Vehicle 24 Jan BISHOPS PARK ROAD

Tips from our Safer Neighbourhood Team on how to keep your car safe.

  1. Any anti-theft device will deter thieves so it is always a good thing to have some kind of security measure because the thief doesn’t want to spend time trying to remove it. Instead, they will just move on to the next car.

Criminals will avoid vehicles that have visible devices and deterrents such as a sticker saying “this car has a tracker”. Etched window alarms are also good but factory-fitted ones are the best as the cheaper ones on the market are easy to overcome.

  1. The most common mistakes car owners make are leaving things on show such as phone leads, briefcases, handbags, sat nav holders and paperwork. Untidy vehicles attract car thieves. It’s also worth remembering that portable sat navs leave a circular mark on the screen and if you don’t wipe the screen it’s obvious that you have one and this highlights that you’re not security conscious.
  2. Modern cars may be harder to steal but the problem is we forget to lock them or leave a window open because we’re in a rush. This is exactly what the car thief is looking out for.
  3. Most modern cars have a memory chip in the key which makes taking a car harder because thieves can’t hotwire vehicles as they did in the past. But people often leave their car keys in the hallway, on the stairs, in handbags left downstairs or in the kitchen.

In order to get the keys, thieves will either go letterbox fishing or they will try the back door because so many people leave them unlocked or open.

  1. When you park, there are a few simple actions to reduce the risk of your car being taken. If you’re parking on a road turn the wheels into the kerb, and when in a car park turn the wheels towards another car as thieves will avoid your vehicle if it takes a lot more effort and time to move it.

Similarly, when parking on a drive, always drive in rather than reverse in and again, turn the wheels. And if you have a driveway, use it, as the thief has to come closer to you to take the car and they don’t like to do that.

  1. Never leave anything with your name and address in the car. If you do, you put yourself at risk of burglary as the thief knows you’re not at home if the car is taken from a town centre or supermarket car park, say, and possibly leaves you open to other types of fraud.
  2. From a thief’s point of view, the ideal car is one with no visible security or signs of worn locks. If this applies to your vehicle, it’s time to take action.
  3. The best way to keep your vehicle safe is to put a tracker on it, wheel-locking nuts, and a sticker saying the vehicle is alarmed. Plus you should keep the inside tidy, the car locked, the windows shut and everything out of sight

PCSO 7238 Magdalena McCann

020 8721 2477

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Norbury Library, Events & News at 18 January

STOP Press 22.45 198 January

Tweet by Cllr Godfrey re-Library heating system – see also below.

Libraries update: Norbury Library – councils engineers have been on site at 0700 this morning and fixed the heating that had been broken for some time. Long term renewal still needed

Saturday 20 January. 3-4pm. Cuppa with a Copper

COSTA Coffee, London Road

Wednesday 31 January.  12- 2pm.  Police drop in surgery

Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344 London Road

Thursdays. 7.30-9pm. Yoga classes

Norbury Methodist Church

Please contact Swami Anasaktis at

Saturday 17 March. Norbury Clean Up Day


Layout 1

What is happening with Norbury Library following Carillion collapse


Crime Statistics 9-14 January


Criminal Damage Veh 9 Jan HERMITAGE LANE
Theft from Motor Vehicle (2) NORBURY CRESCENT
Theft from Motor Vehicle STANFORD ROAD
Burglary Residential 10 Jan THE CHASE
Theft from Motor Vehicle 11 Jan NORBURY CRESCENT
Burglary Residential (2) STANFORD ROAD
Common Assault 12 Jan TYLECROFT ROAD
Theft from Motor Vehicle JERVISTON GARDENS
Theft of Motor Vehicle 13 Jan NEWLANDS ROAD
Robbery Person GIBSONS HILL
Theft from Motor Vehicle KILMARTIN AVENUE
Burglary Business 14 Jan LONDON ROAD
Harassment GREEN LANE



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Housing scheme to be crammed into tight site in Fairview Rd

Fairview Rd B

A housing scheme has been approved for a tight site along the railway line by the side of the Fairview Rd cul de sac leading to the Fairview Medical Practice. It will involve the demolition  of the two 19thC former factory buildings and the garage repair businesses’  building. 7 bed, 1 one bed and 1 three bed flats will be built and a commercial unit.

The owner applicant of the site (32-34 Fairview Rd) failed to consult the Medical Practice about the plans prior to submission to the Council. The scheme was opposed by the Medical Practice, the develop owner of the Practice’s site, local Councillor Shafi Khan, and the Love Norbury Joint Planning Committee (JPC).

The vote at the Council Planning Committee on Thursday 11 January was four for refusal and four against refusal, with the latter getting the support of the Chair Paul Scott. The decision to approve was then taken four:four with the Chair’s casting vote in favour. The JPC suggestion that if they were not prepsred to refuse the application they could consider deferring a decision to enable  discussions with the Practice was not discussed.

The Medical Practice is particularly concerned about the potential limits to access to the entrance to its premises and car park especially for ambulances, doctors driving patients to hospital for emergency treatment, etc. The Planners argued that a construction and logistics plan could remedy this.

Quantity or Quality

One of the main arguments in favour of approval was that it if was refused the site owner could still provide 6 flats because he has existing planning rights to convert the two former factor buildings into flats, under the Government permitted development rules. The Chair, an architect, argued that the Council could not control the quality of the flats that could be provided, and that the scheme for demolition and new build would result in a higher quality of homes.

The main argument for the scheme was the need to meet the housing targets. It is one of many scheme where the quality of new homes is being sacrificed for the meeting targets. The fear is that a lot of schemes being approved are simply the poor quality housing and slums of the future.

Prior to the Committee meeting the Medical Practice and the JPC both sent the Councillors their letters of objection. This was because they were only allowed 3 minutes together to speak at the Committee; one and a half minutes each. The statement read out for the  JPC is set out below.

Post Decision

Pete Smith was on the phone the next day to the applicant make it clear tthat he had to enter serious discussions with the Medical Practice over the details of the Construction and Logistics Plan.

Since the meeting there has been a flurry of emails between the Medical Practice and the JPC with Pete Smith, Head of Development Manager, and Paul Scott. The Practice is deciding what its next steps are to be. It considers that its future viability is at risk, and if it closes this will effect some 8,000 registered patients. It is among the best practices in Croydon.

The JPC has urged the Council to help the owner of the garage repair business to find suitable premises to locate to.

According to Companies House the owner Stonebuild Developments has two brothers as Directors. They were involved in a bitter family business inheritance dispute back in 2009 and 2010. They are also registered Directors of two retail pharmacies.

Stonebuild is allowed to convert the existing buildings into flats because the Council failed to add them to the list of local buildings of merit, and to protect the employment status of the site, which was requested by the JPC is its representations on the Local Plan. Despite this being re-iterated at the Hearings in front of a Planning Inspector the Council has not proposed to modify the Plan.  The Inspector has recently completed his report, and publication and approval, and adoption should happen in the next three months. The JPC will review what the implications will eb for Norbury.

Statement read out for JPC

As a large development on a tight site this scheme has been badly thought through in terms of its impact on the Medical Practice and the short stretch of road.  It  is overdevelopment and badly designed as outlined in the Norbury Committee’s letter of objection which I emailed to you.

For you to be satisfied that the scheme is good design the planning officer should cite those elements which meet the requirements of planning policies.

In para 7.6 reference is made the scheme contributing to family housing.

2 bed 4 persons  units are cramped family housing. They do not comply with policy that housing should be designed for life-time change, such as when children of opposite gender need their own bedrooms.

There will be a lot of noise from the railway. Could this  result in broken sleep which will be detrimental to children’s health and well-being?

There are planning grounds for you to refuse this application, but if you do not agree then I ask you take into consideration that the developer failed to consult the Medical Practice in the light of its objections to the GPDOs.

You could consider deferring the application to enable discussion of  a redesign  that would relocate the commercial unit to enable expansion of the Practice’s accommodation, and to ensure that access to the Practice does not get blocked.






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News and events at 12 January

16 January, 11am-1pm. Police drop in surgery

Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344 London Road SW16

20 January. 3-4pm. Cuppa with a Copper

Costa Coffee,  London Road

31 January. Noon-2pm. Police drop in surgery

Norbury LPT base, 1342-1344 London Road SW16

Quiz night

Council grants planning permission for housing scheme in Fairview Rd

On Thursday night despite representations made by local Councillor Shafi Khan, the Manager of the Fairview Rd Medical Practice and Love Norbury Joint Planning Committee, the Council Planning Committee approved a scheme to demolish the commercial buildings in the cul de sac section  of Fairview Rd for a new build housing scheme. You can see a preliminary write up of this on my other blog site at

A full explanation will be posted next week here on Norbury Watch.

New Planning Application – 15 Melrose Avenue

Demolition of existing garage and rear extension; erection of rear extension to existing building; and erection of a new attached 3 storey building comprising 1 one bedroom flat and 1 two bedroom flat.

Go to

and type in reference number  17/05755/FUL

Crime Statistics 3-8 January

Theft of Motor Vehicle 4 January LONDON ROAD,
Robbery Person UPWOOD ROAD,
Theft of Motor Vehicle 5 January TYLECROFT ROAD
Criminal Damage Veh 6 January HEATHERSET GARDENS
Burglary Residential NORTON GARDENS,
Theft From Motor Vehicle 7 January DARCY ROAD,
Theft of Motor Vehicle 8 January CROFT ROAD
Theft of Motor Vehicle POLLARDS HILL SOUTH
Theft Person LONDON ROAD

Dangerous and Drunk Driving

Over the Christmas period, Norbury LPT took part in numerous operations to tackle drink driving and dangerous driving. The local police team reports ‘We are pleased to say we arrested one unsuspecting young man for drink driving. Unlucky for him, he had to spend a few days in custody over Christmas, pending further investigation. That’s one less dangerous driver off the roads.

Thefts of and from motor vehicles

Norbury and West Thornton Local Police Teams have been working together to tackle these problems. ‘Over the next few weeks we will be conducting regular mobile patrols late into the evening in hope to reduce this kind of crime and bring culprits to justice’.

The January newsletter of the Norbury LPT can be downloaded here:

Newsletter JANUARY 2018

Planning Refusals

The Council has refused the following planning applications.

81 Newlands Road (17/05258/HSE). Erection of dormer extension in rear roof slope. ‘The development would not preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the proposed dormer and roof alterations; Conservation Area’.

238 Norbury Avenue. (17/05234/FUL). Erection or rear dormer window and installation of three rooflights to front roof slope; conversion of resulting building to provide 1 x two bed flat and 1 x three bed flat. ‘The development would result in sub-standard accommodation by reason of inadequate natural light provision, poor outlook and lack of private amenity space’. ‘The dormer extension would detract from the appearance of the building and be detrimental to the amenities of the townscape by reason of design and scale’.

44 Norbury Cross (17/05205/HSE) Alterations, conversion of garage into habitable room, erection of first floor side extension and erection of gable end roof extension with dormer extension in rear roof slope and installation of rooflights on front roof slope. ‘The development would be out of keeping with the character of the locality and be detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene by reason of gable roof structure and first floor side extension’

Every refusal sets out the sections of planning policy and guidance that supports the reasons for refusal.

If you are considering making a planning application on your property, your architect/designer/surveyor should take these reasons for refusal into account to ensure that yours complies with policies.

Reminiscences of Norbury during the Second World War


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Cassandra Learning Centre Special Needs events





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Norbury events and news at 8 January

Streatham Choral seeks singers

Based just a bus ride away at St. Leonards Church the Streatham Choral Society is seeking new singers to join it.

Further details is in the following file:

Streatham Choral poster

Saturday 27 January.  10am-3.30pm. Durufle’s Requiem

Come and sing it with Streatham Choral Society followed by 4pm FREE concert, which will be joined by professional soloists.

Streatham Choral event

This is an invite to  girls from Croydon and Merton to join in this registered charity’s




Although meeting at Liberty Assembly Church in Norbury Crescent the group has no religious affiliation.It is aimed at young people. Please help advertise to to young people you know.

Community Activity Overview

The Friends of Norbury Park AGM was held on 3 January. The Love Norbury Joint Planning Committee will be arguing against the housing development scheme at 32-34 Fairview Rd at the Council Planning meeting on 11 January. It’s next monthly meetings are on 15 January and 12 February. The Love Norbury Transport Committee is discussing dates for a meeting about the Railway Station and Bridge with a railway company manager. Love Norbury Committee meets on 24 January. Pollards Hill Residents Association is holding a meeting and greet session on 27 January. Love Norbury representatives will be attending meetings on 29 January with the Council’s Regeneration Team and on 30 January with the Head of the Council’s Development Management team (planners). Norbury Green Residents Association monthly coffee get together at the Library is on 3 February. Norbury Community Land Trust Board is having its revised launch meeting date on 19 February. The Council Leader Tony Newman has agreed to meet with the Board – a date is to be fixed. Norbury Knitters have a full diary of get togethers (see

New Planning Applications

307 Norbury Avenue (18/00004/LP). Erection of dormer extension in rear roof slope.

This will be quickly decided as unless it contravenes the rules a Lawful Development Certificate will be issued.

144 Green Lane (17/05856/HSE). Erection of single storey rear extension.

Crime Statistics 28 December – 1 January

Theft from Motor Vehicle 28th KILMARTIN AVENUE
Burglary Residential 29th POLLARDS HILL EAST
Other Theft 29th LONDON ROAD,
Criminal damage Veh 30th LONDON ROAD
Theft from Motor Vehicle 30th SEMLEY ROAD
Fly-tipping 30th POLLARDS HILL NORTH
Vehicle Interference 30th GRREN LANE
Robbery Person 31st NORBURY AVENUE
Robbery Person 31st GRANVILLE GARDENS
Burglary Residential 1st ST HELEN’S CRESCENT




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