Norbury Update 24 May


The Norbury Bowls Club has re-opened under strict guidelines  for ‘roll ups’ only, every day from 1pm. New players are welcome to come and give it a try. The Planners have rejected the proposed flats and gym scheme for the Co-op building in Fairview Rd. They have also approved some technical drawings to do with the refurbishment and installation of the lift in the Library. COVID issues of concern have been noise in gardens and the delivery motorbike riders along London Rd between Superdrug and Fairview Rd who do not socially distance from each other, are very close to passing pedestrians and who have been seen spitting. St. Philip’s Church is seeking financial donations since it has lost revenue from not being able to hire out its hall and run fund raising events. David Clark has submitted details of the origins of some of Norbury’s streets names to the London Street Names website team. Details of the Hobbs family who owned Norbury Hall Estate buried at Queens Rd Cemetery have been posted on the website set up earlier is month by the Cemetery’s Friends Group.

Planners Refuse Co-op Building Proposal

The linked planning applications for the conversion of the Co-op building at 2-10 Fairview Rd into flats and a gym has been refused by the Planners (20/01236/FUL).

‘The proposed development would not provide a satisfactory mix or quality of accommodation to meet the needs of future occupants and the wider community, contrary to Policy 3.5 of the London Plan, Policies SP2.7 and DM10.4 of the 2018 Croydon Local Plan, and the Council’s 2019 Supplementary Planning Document titled “Suburban Residential Design”.’

In his review report the Planning Officer states:

‘7.20 However, the remaining 9 units are substandard in conflict with adopted policy and guidance. There are also further issues with the quality of the units, particularly those on the ground floor. For example, unit 4 suffers from poor light, outlook and privacy and a convoluted/impractical L-shaped layout. Several units are also single aspect.

7.21 Given the above, the proposed development would not provide a satisfactory mix or quality of accommodation.’

‘8.1 The proposed development would result in the loss of some retail employment space, but this would be replaced (to a lesser extent) by the proposed gym use, in addition to 8 new market residential units. However, the units provided would not provide a satisfactory mix or quality of accommodation to meet the needs of future occupants and the wider community. As such, on balance the development is considered to be unacceptable and therefore recommended for refusal.’

The full assessment report can be read here.


The background can be read here:

Slow Progress with Norbury Library

While work has been underway to repair the Library, there has been a delay in being able to progress the refurbishment works and installation of the lift because the project team had to submit a drawing showing how technical details to full one of the conditions of the planning approval given in January would be met. This was submitted in March (20/01210/DISC) and was approved last week.

COVID-19 Lockdown Problems

Two sets of problems with the COVID-19 lockdown have been raised on the Next Door West Norbury website: noise in gardens and delivery motor cyclists parking along London Rd and spitting.

Garden Noise

‘Can we all please try and enjoy the warm weather in our gardens without keeping neighbours awake with very loud conversations late at night? In Benett Gardens, we have had to close all our windows on this warmest of days and nights because of noise nuisance from a few local residents and frankly it’s unfair – it’s now past midnight, the shouted conversations are continuing and my husband (who is a key worker) has to get up at 3.30am to start his shift. Being forced to close all the windows in this hot weather because of noisy neighbours and yapping dogs is really not fair on the rest of us! A little more respect for each other would be much appreciated. Please and Thank you’.

  • Delivery Motor Cyclists Spitting

‘Is there any way that something can be done about the food delivery bikers that park up in the layby near Superdrug in Norbury? I was queuing for the pharmacy in Superdrug at the weekend and the fact we have to stand so close to them at a time like this is bad in itself, but one of the drivers lit up a cigarette directly in front of my 1 year old, smoke blowing in his face, and then began spitting all over the place right next to us, he spat next to us on the pavement and into the road, he didn’t stop. Absolutely shocking and disgusting.

Several suggestions were made in response: report to police, and ask the Council to ban parking there. The issue was discussed with Super Drug and things improved for a short while, but they were back parking without social distancing and very close to passing pedestrians on Saturday.

St Philips Fund Raising Appeal 

Father Younis of St Philip’s Church HAS emailed as follows:

‘As you know the churches had been locked down since the beginning of this pandemic (from mid March). I have been live streaming services from the vicarage. If you are interested in following the service online you can do so on my facebook page – Younis Francis – The Sunday service is usually at 11.30am and weekday services are Tuesday – Friday at 5.00pm daily. As you also know due the pandemic we had to close our church and the hall, therefore we are losing our regular income. In addition we also had to cancel our fundraising activities such as Quiz Night and Summer fair. In order to raise some funds I have set up a fundraising page. If you are able to make any donations towards St Philip’s you can do so by clicking on the link below or alternative write a cheque payable to: St Philip’s PCC and post it to: Younis Francis, 22 Beech Road, Norbury. SW16 4NW. Even a little amount will help immensely.

God bless you all and stay safe. Hope to see sometime soon.’

020 8764 9619; 07504721294;


Planning Applications

39 Crown Lane (20/02139/FUL). Conversion of dwelling to form a 2 bedroom flat and a 9 bedroom HMO for 14 persons.

20 Hillcote Avenue (20/02116/HSE). Erection of single storey rear extension.

Planning Approvals

206 Norbury Crescent (20/01531/CONR). Variation of Condition 1 (approved plans) of planning permission 19/03768/FUL to facilitate the use of the existing garden building for the purpose of ancillary accommodation in connection with approved Flat 2.

12 Springfield Road (20/01350/HSE). Single storey rear extension with timber decking to the rear and alterations to the existing side addition.

Origins of the Norbury Road Names  

In response to a London wide request from the team running the London Street Guide website, our local historian David Clark has provided the origins of the names of some of Norbury’s road names, many of which are linked to land owners from the past.

Stanford Road: Named after the earlier land owner Eleanor Stanford.

Bennett Gardens: Named after Vere Benett (only spelt with one ‘n’) the husband of Eleanor Stanford.

Bavant Road, Norton Gardens, Hatch Road, Semley Road and Tisbury Road: All are named after the area surrounding the village of Tisbury in Wiltshire where Eleanor Stanford and her husband Vere Benett were living in 1894.

Bishops Park Road: Named after early Norbury landowners, the Archbishops of Canterbury.

Croindene Road: Named after the Saxon Name for Croydon.

Darcy Road: Named after Lord Darcy, a former Lord of the Manor.

Lloyd Avenue: Named after David Lloyd George (1863 to 1945) who was Prime Minister from 1916 to 1922.           

Northborough Road: The name Northborough came from an earlier name for Norbury of North Burgh, with Norbury being in the north of  the borough of Croydon.

Palmers Road: Named after 18th  Century land owners in this area the Palmer family.

Colebrook Road: Named after William Cole the first tenant of Norbury House with the ‘brook’ coming from the Norbury Brook.

Southbrook Road: Named after its position, south of Norbury Brook.

Craignish Avenue, Melfort Road, Dunbar Avenue, Ederline Avenue, Kilmartin Avenue,

Melrose Avenue, Ardfern Avenue, Dalmeny Avenue and Strathyre Avenue are matched with the names of towns and castles near to Loch Craignish in Argyle. Members of the family of the local Architects and land agents’ Chestertons’ came from this area of Scotland.

Isham Road: Named after Susan Isham the wife of the third Nicholas Carew a former Lord of the Manor of Norbury.

Beatrice Avenue: Named after the daughter of the house builder of this Road and a former Mayor of Croydon George Allen.

Beech Road: Named after the maiden name of the wife of George Allen although her name of Martha Beach was spelt with only one ‘e’.

Elgar Avenue: Named after the music composer Sir Edward Elgar (1857 to 1934) who was knighted in 1904.

This list will be posted in due course on the London Street Guide website:

The Hobbs and Norbury Hall Estate

The Friends of Queens Rd Cemetery have contacted Norbury Watch to say that their new website carries details about the Hobbs family that owned the Norbury Hall estate, which are buried in the cemetery. The estate now comprises Norbury Hall Park, Norbury Hall care home, the industrial estate along Craignish Ave and the shops fronting London Rd.

David is currently finalising a  pamphlet on the history of Norbury Hall estate, including the Hobbs. The Hobbs also owned other land. The following court case against the Hobbs will therefore not appear in the pamphlet.

In the Kings Bench Division of the High Court. Walter Henry May of 1 Station Parade. Took a case against V. Arthur Thomas and James William Hobbs of Norbury Hall, ‘claiming damages for alleged fraudulent representation in the sale of a baker’s business in NORBURY’ . (27 June 1908. p. 7) Judgement was for the plaintiff for £150, and a stay of execution refused. (Croydon Advertiser 27 June 1908. p. 7 & 4 July 1908. p. 6)

Croydon Crisis Update

About seancreighton1947

Since moving to Norbury in July 2011 I have been active on local economy, housing and environment issues with Croydon TUC and Croydon Assembly. I am a member of the Love Norbury Residents Associations Planning & Transport Committees, and Chair of Nobury Community Land Trust. I write for Croydon Citizen at I co-ordinate the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Croydon Radical History Networks and edit the North East Popular Politics database. History Project.. I give history talks and lead history walks. I retired in 2012 having worked in the community/voluntary sector and on heritage projects. My history interests include labour movement, mutuality, Black British, slavery & abolition, Edwardian roller skating and the social and political use of music and song. I have a particular interest in the histories of Battersea and Wandsworth, Croydon and Lambeth. I have a publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications.
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