Council fails to prove its meeting BMX track planning conditions

Pavilion exterior

The Love Norbury Joint Planning Committee has submitted five sets of objections to the planning application which in its opinion does not show that it meets the conditions on the approval for the BMX track before work can start to build it. The Friends of Norbury Park are also preparing to submit its objections. A number of local residents who opposed the track are also considering submitting objections.

If you wish to submit your views please go to

Condition 2  states:

‘ No development shall take place until full details of both hard and soft landscape works have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Such details shall include existing planting to be retained, species and size of proposed new planting, hard landscaping materials (which shall be permeable as appropriate), and all boundary treatment within and around the development.’


Condition  4 states:

Prior to the commencement of development the approval of the Local Planning Authority shall be obtained with respect to the following matters (1) Refuse, recycling and bicycle store’


 Objection (1)

The Love Norbury Residents Association Joint Planning Committee objects to  this application because it fails to comply with the discharge of the conditions of the planning approval .

Condition 2. No details of planting are provided.

Condition  4.  No details of refuse and recycling are provided.

The statement document says that drawings show where street furniture will be provided. No drawings are provided. Therefore it is not clear where these items will be sited or how many there will be.

Given the experience with the type of bin illustrated this is likely to be inadequate and will are not designed to encourage recycling as required under Condition 4. There is a danger that they will quickly overflow.  Because Condition 4 is not being met there is no indication of who is going to be responsible for emptying the bins.

The proposed benches do not look adequate for the comfort of parents or grandparents who accompany children using the track.

The Committee therefore requests that Development Management inform the applicant to withdraw  the application and resubmit in order to satisfy discharge of the Conditions including full documentation.

It is not acceptable to compromise by having additional documents placed on the register as Development Management does not publicly publicise that this has happened, either to Councillors or with revised public notices or to any objectors.

Objection (2)

 The Love Norbury Residents Association Joint Planning Committee objects to this application because the justifying statement is a distortion of the public consultation process and therefore misleads Development Management and members of the public who read it.

There is no mention of:

(1)    the large petition submitted against the original proposal and the reasons for it

(2)    the discussions between the  Friends of Norbury Park sub-group of the Norbury Avenue & Thornton Heath Residents Association and officers on the future for improving  the park and the negative impact of the track. The Friends is now an independent organisation with the backing of the Love Norbury partnership.

(3)    the fact that an official complaint was lodged on behalf of the Joint Planning Committee against a Council officer who broke a promise to hold further discussions, and which is still unresolved and is currently subject to a Freedom of Information request.

This statement should be withdrawn, re-written and re-submitted as part of the revised documentation needed  to show that  the applicant is properly complying with the discharge of conditions.

Objection (3)

The Love Norbury Residents Association Joint Planning Committee objects to this application because the proposed and inadequate method of proving  discharge of conditions is based on false arguments contained in the supporting statement.

(1)    Location Near Residential Properties

The supporting statement says that that other parks were considered as alternative venues and ruled out because the BMX track would be too close to residential properties.

The location chosen within Norbury Park also places the track near to residential properties, in an arc around the southern and eastern sides.

The applicant has not been open to discussions to try and minimise the impact of the track on residents, such as the Friends suggestion that the original idea of a trail not a track be implemented, or to discuss alternative sites within the Park away from residential property. e.g. on the western side near the School and allotments area.

(2)    The Use of the Pavilion

The statement argues that it brings the pavilion back into use.

It does not. The pavilion is back in use because of its use by the  Boxing Club. The wider community use potential of the pavilion that the Club wishes for will be restricted by the requirement that it be used to store BMX track equipment.

This statement should be withdrawn, re-written and re-submitted to accurately reflect the situation.

Objection (4)

The Love Norbury Residents Association Joint Planning Committee objects to this application because it has no confidence in the applicant and the user organisation to run the facility property so as to minimise the adverse effects on residents which were highlighted by the objectors.

(1)    The applicant has shown itself to be incompetent in overlooking to submit the discharge application until weeks after the original proposed construction start in January.

(2)    The applicant has shown itself unwilling to have meaningful discussions with the objectors, as exampled by the outstanding complaint submitted against one of the Council officers.

(3)    The applicant failed to consult with the Friends of Norbury Park or the Joint Planning Committee about the proposals for this application, which could have resulted in proper documentation being submitted.

(4)    The organisation which will manage the Track has made no attempt to have dialogue with the objectors, or the Friends of Norbury Park or the Joint Planning Committee, showing that it has  no commitment to community engagement and ensuring  that the fears of local residents are minimised.

Objection (5)

The Love Norbury Residents Association Joint Planning Committee objects to this application because of details in the Construction Method Statement

(1)    The hours of construction are stated to be 7am to 7pm

A 7am start  will cause noise problems for the nearby residents, especially from the arrival of workers in their vehicles  into the car park area by the pavilion prior to 7am to start work on time at 7am.

A 7pm finish will mean noise into the early evening which will have an adverse effect on residents which to use their back gardens and have windows open as if approved the construction will take place during the summer.

A 7pm finish will mean that there will continue to be noise from the car park as workers get ready to leave and start their vehicles.

The noise of the arrival and departure of the vehicles will have a particularly adverse effect on the residents in Harefield Rd, who are not used to vehicles using their road at those times, given access to the car park is currently restricted to use of the Boxing Club staff.

(2)    Use of the Pavilion

The Statement does not make it clear whether the proposed use of the pavilion has been discussed and agreed with the Boxing Club.

(3)    Container

The Statement does not make it clear whether the container will only be delivered and taken away in the specified delivery hours of 9m-4pm.

(4)    Security

 The Statement does not state what residents can do to notify the applicant and the contractor between the hours of 9pm and 7am in the event of the need to report any attempts to break into the pavilion, the container, the site compound or the construction site.

(5)    Breach of Statement Provisions

The Statement does not indicate what residents can do to inform the applicant and the contractor of any observed breaches of the content of the operation of the construction statement.

This Statement has clearly be drawn up without any thought to protecting the amenity of the residents, as required in Condition 6: ‘In order to ensure that the development does not prejudice the safety or free flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the highway or cause undue inconvenience to other users, or adversely impact on the amenities of the occupiers of nearby properties.’


The Joint Planning Committee can be contacted via

and a pamphlet The Future of Norbury Park ( £1) can be obtained from



The Friends of Norbury Park





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