Moped robbery suspect arrested

Thursday 23 February

Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel with police

If you wish to attend please contact PC 852 Tom Norry.; 020 8721 2477

Moped robbery suspect arrested

A person heavily involved in moped enabled robberies was recently arrested, PC Ali Watts 392ZD of the Norbury Neighbourhood Policing Team, has told Norbury Watch.

This arrest follows at least three recent robberies committed by riders on motorbike and mopeds in Norbury in the last 2/3 weeks. The first was in Oakhill Rd see:

The robbers then rode into Bishops Park Rd and robbed another person.

The third and even more serious incident was the theft of a car from a young doctor at gunpoint.

PC Watts states that the police ‘are waiting to see if this has any knock-on effect to the number of robberies in Norbury but there have not been any in our area since he was taken into custody. There is another male involved who we are actively searching for who has been involved in these type of offences, and I’d hope that once we catch up with him on this occasion, he will be serving some sort of custodial sentence.’

He adds:

  • that people should ‘be vigilant around main roads, and to try and limit any displays of wealth ( I.e. wearing expensive jewellery, carrying mobile phones)’;
  • ‘The people using the mopeds will often not be wearing helmets, and the mopeds they are using will usually not have a registration on display’
  • ‘If you, or anyone you see come across a moped with two riders in similar circumstances who are acting suspiciously or hanging around areas, please call ‘101’ providing as much detail as able (including VRM) or ‘999’ if they are actively about to/ trying to rob someone.’

As many people are not on the web it has been suggested that the police should put up notices on trees and lamp posts to alert people to the problem. PC Watts response to this suggestions states:

‘I am not against the notices, the issue we have is that due to the spontaneity of the incidents & the general lack of any pattern, they could take place almost anywhere. We release weekly crime figures to all of those on our email contact lists, and I know a few of the residents associations (RA) copy this into their own newsletters as well; I am going to raise it at the next ward panel as to whether local RA’s have somewhere they are able to put up noticeboards for those who are not using twitter/ email, so hopefully that will address this. Also, I am hoping to start a bi-weekly meeting at a local venue which will be advertised via social media/ newsletters, and on the window of the old Norbury NPT base – I hope to have this in place by the end of February.

Crime Information 23 – 28 January

Possession of cannabis (1), Burglary (9), theft from motor vehicle (3), robbery (1).

The burglaries included a mix of both residential and non dwelling, such as sheds and garages. The police have been targeting this problem and advising people on burglary prevention, and a meeting at Sherlock Close with members
of the Council and local Councillor Maggie Mansell in relation to concerns surrounding parking and ASB matters.  The police have also visited Norbury Manor Primary School at peak times in regards to road safety and have recently processed two drivers for leaving their vehicles in dangerous positions, such as parking on the roundabout and yellow zig-zag lines – this is an endorsable offence and carries points on people’s licence and a £100 fine.

(Details from weekly email from PC 852 Tom Norry.)


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